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2PM comes back with an apocalyptic MV for ‘해야 해 (Make It)’ after 5 years of hiatus

2PM’s legendary comeback is a MUST-watch!

Legendary KPOP group 2PM comes back with an apocalyptic music video for ‘해야 해 (Make It)’ after 5 years of hiatus.

The true definition of ‘KPOP gentlemen’ looks suave in their title track which is about not letting a girl go whom they view as their perfect match. This is part of their seventh album ‘MUST‘ which comes with 10 songs, including an acoustic version of their hit song ‘My House‘.

Just like the impact for their much-anticipated comeback, their music video screams attention for their top-notch CGI and effects used to show an apocalyptic set with meteors, fire showers and the likes.

The group underwent hiatus after the members were required to accomplish their mandatory military service almost five years ago. Their last comeback was of September 2016 with their studio album ‘Gentleman’s Game’. –


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