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Updates on HallyuLife Awards, plz read

Here’s a status update, including a big announcement regarding #HLA2021

A letter from the editor-in-chief to all of HallyuLife readers and Hallyu fans who have participated in the first-ever HallyuLife Awards!

The year has now ended – and it’s time for all of us to welcome 2021 with the hope that everything comes back to normal as soon as possible. As you may already know, we have an emergency maintenance conducted on the New Year’s eve for the Awards site in order to attempt fixing an underlying problem regarding it becoming slow, sluggish, to the point that it returns an error for most, if not many users, which is frustrating. It is also frustrating for us to be honest, as it affected our daily operations – with our writers not being able to do any work at all on the main site due to the problem.

As we found out, the amount of data our poll has gathered led to it becoming problematic in which we can’t immediately control ourselves, due to it being a third-party plugin. We tried our best to mitigate the problem by upgrading the server’s capacity to two-fold, but that didn’t work. Regarding the loading issues surrounding our Awards voting site, our site server is actually running on a dedicated Amazon Web Services EC2 instance since last year, with high computing power such as an 8-core Xeon Platinum CPU, 16GB of RAM, and SSD storage, as well as 10Gbps of networking. We have upgraded it to the current spec by December 25, when we first deployed site maintenance in an attempt to find a solution to the issues. We’ve also added a CAPTCHA in order to attempt to block possible spambots casting multiple votes in our polling system, which could have bypassed the security and quota features we’ve implemented.

However, despite the problems, we were surprised that the HallyuLife Awards online poll had received more than 300,000 votes already, excluding the number of tweets made for our ‘Global Fans’ Choice’ awards, which we believe were more than a million already. That said, our team is surely inspired to push this through, with the hopes of this not being the last. A complete report will be published after all things are sorted out.

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Voting period will be shortened, now until January 5th

Initially, we planned to have the voting period for a month after opening it, but since HLA had received support and attention WAY BEYOND we expected, we decided that the new period was already enough to accumulate votes from the fans, since we made the voting available on a daily basis as well. As decided by the HallyuLife board, voting for the HallyuLife Awards will now only be open until January 5, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. KST (GMT+9). We will be providing the online poll results on the website the day after voting closes for reference, after checks and validations as well.

As with the criteria, we will be checking the results based on the listed items as well as tally all the necessary points. When we start picking for the winners – rest assured that we’ll do these fairly and sincerely, adhering to our ethics as an entertainment news outfit and our passion for K-pop and Hallyu as a team. As we said earlier, the points and the decisions that mattered in the selection of the winners will be made public, in order to promote transparency across the community, especially on the part of the HallyuLife Panel.

You can still vote through this page: VOTE | HallyuLife Awards

The shortening of the voting period will also make the small team have more time to count, compute and validate the results enough for us to have the winners announced by January 30th, with the production of trophies/prizes and shipment to the winning artists’ agencies to follow either weeks or months after as we want to put the artist’s name on the special trophies. It may be further delayed due to the on-going COVID pandemic but we’ll continue to provide updates until the last of the prizes were delivered to the artists, and we’ll make sure to secure a confirmatory photo or even video to justify fans’ participation efforts.

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With that said, we hope everyone will have a happy and a progressive new year, as we are all thankful for your participation and enthusiasm towards the first-ever HallyuLife Awards, which is one of our ways to celebrate our third year anniversary as HallyuLife this month of January.


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