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5 songs from Han Seung-woo that will surely captivate your heart | #GETHYPED

Listen to these five songs that will make your heart flutter and swoon over the charms of Han Seungwoo.

Korean singer-songwriter Han Seungwoo is coming to the Philippines for his “2023 HAN SEUNGWOO SPECIAL LIVE <ONE>” in Manila on August 20, 2023, at the SM North Edsa Skydome in Quezon City, Philippines.

Han Seungwoo was already making a scene in the K-pop industry when he debuted with VICTON in 2016, and later on participated in Produce X 101 in 2019 where he successfully finished at the third spot, which leads him to become a member of the resulting project group X1.

In 2020, Han Seungwoo debuted as a solo artist with his EP, “Fame”. Currently, he has his latest EP titled ‘Frame.’

Before his anticipated show in Manila, let’s listen to these five songs that will make your heart flutter and swoon over the charms of Han Seungwoo.


It is an upbeat song with nice songwriting. Lovelorn talks about saying goodbye and not wanting to remember all of the memories with the person that you once loved who caused you pain. Even if the song shows the anguish of goodbye, you’ll surely love this track.


“It’s better if you never go. I just gotta sacrifice.”

Like the title, the song tackles how someone could do anything to sacrifice for the person they love.


This song explores the ‘intense of love’ in a moment hence it is indeed a ‘burn’ in love. Listen to this song so you can feel the BURNing love of Han Seungwoo!


Well, why don’t you ‘REPLY’ and listen to this song so you wouldn’t be lonely shall we? This fun upbeat song will make you dance and groove.

Dive Into

Make sure to “DIVE INTO” Han Seungwoo’s charm with this track.

Han Seungwoo is excited to see his FILO HAN_A so don’t think twice and get that ticket to see Han Seungwoo live in Manila as he will surely give his FILO HAN_A a performance that will mark the hearts of his fans!

Tickets are still available via so grab your tickets now. —

“2023 HAN SEUNGWOO SPECIAL LIVE <ONE> in Manila” is presented by MakeItLive. #HANSEUNGWOOinMNL



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