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Guidelines regarding media partnerships with HallyuLife

HallyuLife is growing, and we believe that working with others is an essential component for mass information distribution. With the interest of media partnerships concerned, we are now strictly abiding by these guidelines and rules set by the company in order to have a fair and valuable partnership between you (prospective partner) and us (HallyuLife) on helping to promote the Korean wave further.

The new guidelines will be in effect starting October 31, 2019.

Point 1: Concerts/Fan Meetings with actual Korean artist/acts involved

(examples: Concert Tours, Fan Meetings, Music Festivals, etc.)

HallyuLife or the Organizer will propose a media partnership for the event in subject, with the organizer furnishing HallyuLife the confirmation of pass to be able to cover the event.

Organizer would agree to provide HallyuLife with:

  • At least two (2) media passes with at least one (1) camera pass for HallyuLife representatives
  • Press release and other promotional materials for the event
  • Invitation to press-conferences and other related media matters (if applicable)


  • Acknowledgement of HallyuLife as a media partner during the event, with logo inclusion on most publicity materials
  • Mention of HallyuLife on social media posts

HallyuLife would provide in exchange the following:

  • Two (2) feature stories/articles about the event
  • Inclusion of event in the ‘List of Events’ calendar
  • A maximum of (5) Facebook posts and (5) Twitter tweets on HallyuLife’s social media accounts prior to the event day (organizer could be furnished with a copy of the posts in advance)
  • Live coverage and live updates from the event
  • Post-event articles on #ShowRewind containing photos, videos and stories
  • Self-made promotional materials for the event, with the option to use organizer’s provided materials


  • Promotional video posts containing vital information about the event

Organizers are also requested to kindly send all requests for media partnerships for no less that two (2) weeks prior to the event. HallyuLife will try to reach the proper event organizers if deemed necessary to propose media partnerships.

Point 2: Fanclub/local organizations-initiated events

(examples: Fan Gatherings, Cup-sleeving events, Conventions, etc.)

Fanclubs and local event organizers can reach out to HallyuLife in order to help spread the word about the event in subject. Proposals sent to HallyuLife are subject to editorial review and approval, and not all proposals could be guaranteed acceptance.

If accepted, HallyuLife will work with the organizer/fanclub in order to help promote not only the event but also the artist associated with the organization/fanclub.

Organizer/Fanclub would agree to provide HallyuLife with:

  • Mention of HallyuLife on all publicity posts for the event
  • Logo inclusion on all publicity and promotional materials, with HallyuLife labeled SOLELY as an official media partner and NOT an affiliate/organizer/sponsor of the event, unless specified
  • Acknowledgement of HallyuLife on the event proper
  • Press release and other promotional materials for the event

HallyuLife would provide in exchange the following:

  • Event inclusion in our “List of Events” calendar
  • One (1) article about the event containing all the necessary information
  • A maximum of three (3) Facebook posts and (3) Twitter tweets for promoting the event


  • At least two (2) media passes with identification cards for HallyuLife representatives
  • Option to play promotional video from HallyuLife during the event
  • Post-event article from the event (if HallyuLife representatives are present/invited)


  • HallyuLife will NOT post any promotional materials regarding the event UNTIL a partnership has been successfully made
  • Please note that HallyuLife doesn’t publish press releases directly to its platform, and every sent releases are edited according to our policies.
  • HallyuLife is NOT responsible on re-sharing all organizer’s social media promotional and publicity posts, and will only share what is deemed important and necessary. Promotion for the event will be done in our own way.
  • Photos and videos taken from the events covered are solely owned by HallyuLife or the AMG Images team, and organizer may impose restrictions on how these will be used within 6 months, however, editorial use of these contents limited to the HallyuLife platform should remain at pure HallyuLife’s discretion
  • You may reach us at [email protected] or reply your concerns thru our editorial staff emails, if your case is not indicated above.

Last revised November 2, 2019.



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