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#AGUSTD2ISCOMING trends on Twitter worldwide as rapper Suga makes a return

Agust D is Suga’s rapper name.

Previously, BigHit Entertainment is posting a series of cryptic countdown teasers leading to ARMYs all around the world freak out about what it means – until today.

Although not confirmed by BigHit yet, keen-eyed ARMYs have figured out that Apple Music have updated Agust D’s profile picture on May 22 (BTS’s Suga’s name when he first released a mixtape in 2016 with the same title).

Of course, the hashtag #AGUSTD2ISCOMING quickly topped the No. 1 spot on Twitter’s worldwide trends, as ARMYs might have an apparent confirmation of Agust D’s return with a second mixtape just a few days.

Are you excited to see Agust D’s return? Stay tuned for updates!


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