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From the front to the back, Ahgases screamed Mark Tuan’s name at his ‘the other side’ tour in Manila

Mark Tuan hopes to come back to Manila with GOT7, he said during his ‘the other side’ show in Manila

GOT7 member and solo artist Mark Tuan at his "The Other Side" solo concert in Manila, held at the SM Skydome in Quezon City, Philippines on January 14, 2024. HALLYULIFE PHOTO

Mark Tuan’s headlining show in Manila, which happened on January 14, 2024, at the SM Skydome, completed the GOT7 “tingi” (or retail) edition in the Philippines. The anticipation of Mark Tuan’s comeback in the Philippines is there as he was the last member of GOT7 to return to the Philippines.

Even before the show, fans have set out bunch of fan activities and gave out freebies for Ahgases (collective name for GOT7 fans) and Tuanzy. They even have an Ahgase Lounge and Mark’s standee at the show mural at SM Skydome in which you can take a photo.

As the showtime approached, the fans’ energy kept on increasing from the excitement that they felt that they were going to see Mark Tuan live in Manila after a couple of years, 5 years to be exact.

Weswes opened the show, hyped the fans, and said, “If you love Mark Tuan make some noise!” The fans didn’t disappoint as they screamed from the top of their lungs for Mark Tuan!

Wes even performed some of his songs like ‘3AM,’ and also his unreleased songs. Right after Wes’ set, fans became more and more excited for Mark Tuan.

The Ahgases screamed as they wait for Mark Tuan so when the live band entered the stage, the intensity of the Ahgases’ cheers became stronger. As soon as they saw Mark Tuan, high-tension energy radiated through the whole SM Skydome!

Mark performed 24 songs in total, mostly from his ‘the other side’ album and ‘Fallin” EP. He opened his show with ‘after hours (interlude),’ ‘save me,’ ‘change up,’ and ‘exhausted.’

Aside from those, he also performed ‘far away’, ‘last breath’, ‘let u go’, ‘my life’, ‘Fallin’, and ‘Your World’. Between his ments, Mark said to the Ahgases to hold on until they (GOT7) come back.

There’s also this cute moment when Mark drinks from a cup that he re-iterated “its not alcohol” to do the famous Filipino drinking catchphrase “shot puno!

The night also shared beautiful memories to cherish for both Mark Tuan and his Ahgases as they prepared a surprise video for Mark Tuan and big letters (PH💚MT) at the show.

Mark also shared during one of his ments about GOT7:

Mark: “I know when we left the company there was a lot of unknown mystery of what was gonna happen but as long as you guys know that we’re still GOT7, we’re still always talking to each other so, yeah hopefully one day, we can come back and come visit you guys. I am not spoiling anything… There’s no spoilers.”

He even mentioned the fansign event before his Manila show, “Yesterday I had a fansign and a lot of you saying like I’ve been with you guys since high school and now I’m working. A lot of you saying I’m a lawyer now… doctor and dentist, I’m just like “Woah” our fans are smart! But, we’re gonna be old together. I think you guys are bringing babies into this world, some of you guys not all of you, and I’m sure one day you’re gonna bring them to our shows and concerts and you guys can be proud and like “yeah these are our boys!” but thank you so much and I promise I’ll be back again. I hope you guys will be here for me next year, we’ll see! I love you guys. Thank you!”

During the encore, the fans scream his name (MARK TUAN) and that moment with Mark Tuan is everything that the fans will surely treasure.

Mark’s show in Manila was staged just few days before GOT7’s 10th year anniversary as a group, and he made all of the Ahgases joyful as they had shared special moments with him during his Manila show. Mark Tuan is ‘one in a million’ and just like he said, the Ahgases together with him and the rest of GOT7 will grow old together.

Mark Tuan’s ‘the other side’ Asia Tour in Manila setlist:

after hours (interlude)
save me
change up
far away
last breath
let u go
my life
Your World
hard 2 love
2 faces (with weswes)
Everyone Else Fades
Nights Still Young
Carry Me Out
Never Gonna Come Down
One In a Million
my name
This Is Everything

Mark Tuan ‘the other side’ Asia Tour in Manila is presented by PULP Live World

Check out our photos from the event here: Mark Tuan @ “THE OTHER SIDE” in Manila (HQ PHOTOS) [20240114]



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