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BAMBAM made his debut solo concert ‘AREA52’ in Manila an out of this world experience for PH Ahgases

Ahgases are surely still dancing in their loving memories from the ‘AREA52’ in Manila!

GOT7 member and solo artist BamBam during his 1st World Tour "AREA 52" in Manila at the Smart Araneta Coliseum in Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines last September 22, 2023. HALLYULIFE PHOTO

MANILA — Thai rapper-singer and GOT7 member BamBam officially started his ‘2023–2024 BamBam THE FIRST WORLD TOUR [AREA 52]’ in South Korea and performed his first big show outside Seoul last September 22 here in Manila at the Araneta Coliseum!

BamBam made sure that his first solo concert here in Manila will be definitely a memory to treasure for his PH Ahgases – first is when he invited his fans to his press conference and had a fan signing event prior to his concert. He even extended his concert perks such as the hi-touch benefit for all so Ahgases had a chance to meet BamBam up close!

The show was officially opened by the K-pop girl group DreamNote, formed by iMe Korea, when they performed their songs ‘Broken’ and ‘Lemonade.’ Ahgases genuinely cheered for the lovely girls and sang their songs!

“Manila, you guys ready?!”

The big dome was filled with warmth and screams when BamBam finally took his first step on stage with his intro song ‘Satellite’ followed by ‘Wheels Up,’ and ‘Pandora.’

The crowd went wild when BamBam performed his famous hit ‘Sour & Sweet’ followed by another high-energy song ‘Ride or Die.’ Ahgases went wild as they couldn’t believe they finally got to hear it live!

Ahgases went through a rollercoaster emotion when BamBam serenaded the whole crowd with his ballad song ‘Let’s Dance’. As the lights went off, screams of fans echoed through the big dome when ‘Who Are You’ played in the background! This showcases BamBam’s dancing skills.

After his intro performances, BamBam finally introduced himself to his PH Ahgases!

“Hi, everyone! I’m BamBam from GOT7!”

According to BamBam himself, the concept of his first world tour was inspired by his huge interest in extraterrestrial stories such as aliens. “Area 51 is from a place in America. People believe that they have UFOs, they have aliens, and stuff which is the topic that I really love. So, I bring it back to this show’s concept. I was born on May 2nd and as you remember 5 – 2, so AREA 52.”

The show continued as he performed ‘Take it Easy’ and ‘Ghost’ from his recent album ‘Sour & Sweet.’

“This moment is the moment I’ve been waiting the whole week.”

A week before his big show in Manila, BamBam teases his Filo Ahgases on Instagram about his possible special stage which hints that he will have a performance with the Filipino song ‘Raining in Manila’ by Lola Amour.

And the time has finally come when BamBam performed it with his own version. He added that he was really excited to share his prepared surprise for his Ahgases and he waited for it for the whole week!

As requested by PH Ahgases, BamBam sings ‘Raining in Manila’ twice!

BamBam’s special performance of ‘Raining in Manila’ made a noise online and the singer of the OPM song, Lola Amour extended their appreciation to the Thai artist! They even exchanged conversations online!

Screenshot from Lola Amour‘s X (Twitter) account

(Is this a possible collaboration between BamBam and Lola Amour in the future?)

Have you heard the clearer version of BamBam’s version of Lola Amour’s hit song? BamBam drops a studio version of ‘Raining in Manila’ on his X (Twitter) account!

Dara as the AREA52’s special guest!

K-pop star Sandara Park as the special guest for BamBam’s AREA 52 concert in Manila. PHOTO FROM IME PHILIPPINES/X

Filo Ahgases was surprised when the ‘Pambansang Krung Krung’ and former 2NE1 member Sandara Park performed her group’s megahit ‘I’m The Best!’ on the AREA52’s stage!

Dara also sings her songs ‘Dara Dara’ and ‘Festival’ with BamBam on stage! The two of them exchanged their appreciation for each other which made BamBam call Dara ‘Ate!’

They even danced to the SB19’s hit song ‘Gento’—not once, but twice again!

To add to the list of the cute dongsaeng-noona moment, Dara sings her timeless song ‘In or Out’ 2023 version with BamBam dancing with her on stage!

Surprises still came along when BamBam randomly picked lucky fans through draw lots to have a 1:1 picture with him. Originally, the photo op was only for 10 lucky fans but BamBam couldn’t resist the request of his Filo fans, so he made it to 16 Ahgases!

Encore with BamBam

The show continued and Filo fans danced to the rhythm when BamBam performed his songs ‘Tippy Toe,’ ‘Air,’ ‘Subliminal,’ and ‘riBBon.’ He even went down the stage to meet his fans closer while singing ‘Looks so Fine!’

PH Ahgases couldn’t help but reminisce when GOT7’s ‘Look’ and ‘Hard Carry’ were performed by BamBam!

“Manila, I love you!”

To wrap his AREA52 in Manila, BamBam ended the special night with his Ahgases with his favorite Filipino song ‘Ngiti’ by Ronnie Liang. He promised to go back soon to meet again his Filo Ahgases!

“2023-2024 Bambam THE FIRST WORLD TOUR [AREA 52]” is presented by iMe Philippines and ABYSS Company.
HallyuLife would like to extend its gratitude to them for inviting us to be part of this event.

Check out our photos from the event here: BamBam @ AREA 52 Concert in Manila (HQ PHOTOS) [20230922]



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