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BLACKPINK achieves five world record titles and a perfect all-kill with ‘How You Like That’

How you’d like that?

BLACKPINK achieves 5 Guinness World Records and a perfect chart all-kill with ‘How You Like That‘.

The Guinness World Records announces on June 30 that BLACKPINK achieves five world record titles from their pre-release track. The music video reaches 86.3 million views in one day that makes it the ‘Most viewed Youtube video in 24 hours‘, ‘Most viewed music video on Youtube in 24 hours‘, and ‘Most viewed YouTube music video in 24 hours by a K-pop group’. These records surpass the previous record-holder BTS with ‘Boy with Luv’ in April 2019.

The music video’s live premiere reaches 1.66 million peak concurrent viewers that set two more record titles including ‘Most viewers for the premiere of a video on YouTube’ and ‘Most viewers for the premiere of a music video on YouTube’.

Another record that they achieve is a perfect chart all-kill, as confirmed by chart monitoring service iChart. BLACKPINK’s ‘How You Like That’ achieves its No.1 spot on the daily and realtime charts like Melon, Genie, Bugs, and Soribada; Vibe’s daily chart; and the realtime charts of Flo and iChart. Making it official on July 1 at 11:30 AM KST that ‘How You Like That’ achieves a perfect chart all-kill.

BLACKPINK’s ‘How You Like That’ is now the second biggest song in the world by music streaming app Spotify. And, the music video surpasses 150 million views on Youtube. –




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