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BLACKPINK’s Lisa said she wants to visit these two Philippine destinations

She revealed her dream Philippine destinations in an episode of Penshoppe TV.

In the first episode of Penshoppe TV, BLACKPINK’s Lisa has shared the two Philippine destinations that she wants to visit if she was given the chance to return to the Philippines.

Lisa, being the Philippine-based clothing brand’s new ambassador, sat down for an interview with Penshoppe TV, was asked questions gathered from the fans, like what makes her happy and places that she wants to visit, including fashion advice as well.

In one segment, she was asked to share which places in the Philippines she wants to visit. She named the world-famed Chocolate Hills in Bohol, saying that she liked how the hills looked like they are in one single area, also commenting on the hills’ color by saying “It looked like chocolate because the color is not green”.

Chocolate Hills in Carmen, Bohol, Philippines. Photo: Wikipedia/P199

Lisa also named another place in the Philippines that she wishes to visit, which is the province of Sorsogon in the Southern Luzon/Bicol region. Sorsogon is famed for its “whale sharks”, which is the largest known extant fish species. Tourists are given the chance to have a close encounter with the whale sharks, swimming together by snorkeling.

She said, “That’s so cool like you can actually swim together. I really want to visit there”.

Butanding or Whale Shark. Photo via Wikipedia

The K-pop star also revealed that she really wants to go there ever since she went to the Philippines last year for their first-ever Philippine concert, the Manila leg of their “In Your Area” tour, even telling her manager that she wants to go there, but due to the group’s busy schedule, that didn’t happen.

Lisa adorably begged Penshoppe if they can help her make the dream come true, saying, “Penshoppe please, I really want to go swim with whale sharks.”

If you missed the live episode on Penshoppe’s Facebook page, here’s a video on YouTube instead:



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