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BTOB Ilhoon leaves group after alleged marijuana use

The idol is reportedly caught by the police using the drug

Cube Entertainment announces an official statement following BTOB Ilhoon’s (real name Jung Il-hoon) decision to withdraw from the group. The agency said:


This is Cube Entertainment.

First of all, we bow our heads in apology for causing concern due to an issue involving our agency’s artist Jung Ilhoon. Jung Ilhoon feels strong responsibility for breaking the trust of fans and causing disappointment, and he is deeply reflecting. Respecting his opinion to no longer cause harm to the group, it was decided that he will withdraw from the group as of today.

We feel strong responsibility for this recent incident, and we will do our duty in order for him to diligently participate in the upcoming investigation. BTOB will now continue activities with six members, and we will provide our best efforts and unchanging support for BTOB to showcase more mature music and performances. We once again apologize to the fans who support and cherish BTOB.

The statement follows after reports said that the BTOB member had been caught by the police after using marijuana. He was reportedly using cryptocurrency as payment to evade the police in buying drug paraphernalia. It was also reported that drug components were detected through a hair follicle test.

Here’s previous Cube Entertainment’s official statement when the news first surfaced:

Hello, this is Cube Entertainment.

We checked with Ilhoon himself regarding the news report today, and we confirmed that he has been summoned by the investigative agency and is under investigation for suspicions of smoking marijuana, as the report said. We feel a deep sense of responsibility for having caused worry to so many people. We will do everything that is required of us so that he can faithfully comply with the ongoing investigation. We once again apologize for causing concern to so many people.

BTOB Ilhoon is currently on his mandatory service after his enlistment in May this year. –



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