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B★VERSE “BTS, Singing the Stars” Exhibition will be arriving to the Philippines this May 2024

Get immersed in the world of BTS here in the City of firsts, Araneta City!

PH ARMY! The beloved global superstars BTS will do whatever they can to show how much they love their fans. From song tributes during Festa season to cartoon companions like TinyTan, the group is serving yet another memorable fan experience and this time, on the virtual reality stage.

The Fact Music Awards and YiZ Entertainment together with Araneta City are entering the BTS Universe with the B★VERSE “BTS, Singing the Stars” Exhibition – the first in Manila and only in the City of Firsts!

B★VERSE is an exhibit that will allow ARMYs to witness the evolution of BTS as a group and as individual stars in an enchanting exhibit. The exhibit launched previously in Malaysia, Japan, and Thailand, is now set to be held in the Philippines from May 17 to August 15, at Level 4 of the New Gateway Mall 2.

PH ARMYs will be treated to an immersive exhibit experience, starting with a VR Room that vividly recreates BTS’ iconic TMA stages from 2020 to 2022. ARMYs who enjoyed BTS members’ individual concepts for their album BE or their Photo-Folio projects can look forward to the Seven Planets section, which features themed rooms personalized for each member showcasing their photos and videos.

Additionally, ARMYs will experience dazzling moments symbolizing the unique connection between BTS and their fans through a mapping show and have the chance to explore the past winners of The Fact Music Awards from 2020 to 2022.

Set your hearts on fire with love for BTS and catch the official teaser for the exhibit on January 29, which will be played on LEDs all around Araneta City. ARMYs can also check B★VERSE Manila’s official social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, X, and TikTok for the teaser and more information. Tickets will be available soon on Ticketnet Online.

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