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Chanyeol fulfills holiday wishes of his Yeolmaes in his sold-out Manila fan meet with PENSHOPPE

EXO Chanyeol’s third visit to the Philippines this year was filled with passion from his Filipino fans.

EXO's Chanyeol during his fan meeting at the Mall of Asia Arena. PHOTO from PENSHOPPE

MANILA – For the 3rd time around this year, EXO’s main rapper and multi-talented artist Park Chanyeol fulfills the wishes of his Filo Yeolmaes here that was made possible by the local clothing brand PENSHOPPE in his fan meeting event last December 16 at the Mall of Asia Arena.

“Whenever I come to the Philippines, I receive a lot of energy.”

PENSHOPPE’s newest brand ambassador held a press conference prior to his evening show with the media and his loving fans, and these are the words that Chanyeol proudly cited when he was asked why he keeps coming back in the Philippines. He added that whenever he browses the internet, he always sees his huge billboard shared by Yeolmaes that makes him excited more to visit the country.

“I’ve been in the Philippines with Sehun from my fan concert as well and through various occasions I was able to visit here. And every time I visit, what I could think about the Filipino fans is that there are really passionate.” He added that he appreciates the fans whenever they sing along with him that makes him very thrilled to perform and go back to the Philippines to share his precious time with his fans.

As the newest brand ambassador, Chanyeol proudly shared that the style of PENSHOPPE totally matches his fashion, and the variety of clothes that the brand offer impresses him. If given a free time, he said that he would like to visit the PENSHOPPE store in SM MOA since he heard that the branch is quite big, and he will surely enjoy shopping there.

When asked about his future projects, Chanyeol shared that he wants to release a solo album soon. “I actually have different projects in the future as well, but I think I haven’t shown myself as a solo artist. So, I would like to release my solo album.” He also added that he is really excited and looking forward to showcase his different style with Penshoppe.

If given a chance to change position with one of the members in EXO, Chanyeol said that he is contented already in his position, and he don’t have any thoughts on exchanging position with other EXO members.

“Every member of us has their charming points and those are the things that can actually express themselves. I think, I’m beautiful as me.”

In talks about his latest song ‘그래도 돼 (Good Enough)’ Chanyeol admitted that his inspiration in making the song mostly inspired from the dramas and the people around him. The idol wishes that his songs will aspire people and give hopes to many. “My wish is that my music will give you energy and give hopes to you.”

And as the press conference concluded, Chanyeol gave advice to everyone to always find peace by following their heart. “Do as you wish. The most important thing is to follow your heart.”


The full house MOA Arena crowd was already hyped up by the EXO songs that are playing in the background while waiting for the Cherry Prince Chanyeol!

The crowd went wild when Chanyeol officially started the night with his captivating song with Sehun ‘Nothin’ from EXO-SC’s ‘1 Billion Views’ album.

“I’m Chanyeol! Good to see you again!”

After the first song, Chanyeol happily greeted the whole arena and PH Yeolmaes can’t help but to exclaim their excitement for the multi-talented artist.

Host Kring Kim welcomed the fans to ‘PENSHOPPE Chanyeol Fanmeeting in Manila’ and joined him on stage for the segment ‘Keeping Up with Chanyeol’ where the fans get to receive a life update from the Cherry Prince!

The highlights of this segment you must know is that his strong connection to the Philippines started ages ago when he was in the middle school. According to Chanyeol, the Philippines is the first country he visited to study English 20 years ago. That time, he was able to visit various places in PH such as Pagsanjan Falls and even tried to ride horse up to the mountain! He mentioned also that we wants to bring home dried mango and banana to Korea.

Fast Talk with Chanyeol

The next segment is the famous ‘Fast Talk’ wherein Chanyeol must pick his choice between a two options right away. The singer-rapper chose pop over hiphop, speakers over headphones, classic neutral looks over baggy party looks, denim over linen fabric, beaches over cities (in the Philippines), and ‘Mahal ko kayo.’ over ‘Miss ko kayo.’

Don’t Mess Up My Tempo!

To play this game, Chanyeol must guess correctly the featured song by its moves and were it was originally choreographed to. Yeolmaes surely had fun when Chanyeol show off some sample dance moves to the songs ‘Growl,’ ‘Love Shot,’ and ‘MAMA’

After showing off his playful personality, Chanyeol serenade his fans by his first solo single ‘SSFW’ and his 2021 classic song ‘Tomorrow’

A gift for fans

As a gift for his fans, 3 lucky Yeolmaes received a customized PENSHOPPE tees designed by the one and only Cherry Price! He named it as ‘Cherry,’ ‘Dog,’ and ‘Best of the World.’ The precious PENSHOPPE tees were raffled to the audience.

To thrilled more the fans and challenge the multi-talented idol, Chanyeol cited the Tagalog phrase ‘Mahal kita’ (Translated as ‘I love you’ in English) in different expressions with an on-screen Kilig Meter that measure fans’ love for Chanyeol!

A gift for Cherry Prince, Chanyeol

Before the night ends, Filo EXO-Ls extend their love and appreciation to Chanyeol with their fan projects such as voice notes, a rainbow ocean, a giant banner, and a gold crown for Chanyeol while Cherry-adorned crowns for Yeolmaes in recognition of him being their true Cherry Prince!

The precious night that filled with granted wishes was ended by Chanyeol’s live performance of his latest song ‘그래도 돼 (Good Enough)’ and the hopeful ‘See you again!’ to his Filo Yeolmaes.

Photo from PENSHOPPE

What is your most treasured moment during the “PENSHOPPE Chanyeol Fanmeeting in Manila”?

“PENSHOPPE Chanyeol Fanmeeting in Manila” is presented by PENSHOPPE. HallyuLife would like to extend its gratitude to them for inviting us to be part of this event.



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