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Double the K-drama delight as “The Matchmakers” and “Moon in the Day” premieres this week

No tricks, just K-drama “kilig” treats this long weekend!

Prepare yourselves for an emotional journey as we dive into the long weekend with two captivating Korean drama treats. Explore the enchanting narratives, rich characters, and time-traveling adventure with Viu’s original series “The Matchmakers” and “Moon in the Day” this week. These two amazing historical dramas further enrich Viu’s diverse catalog of premium content.

First to premiere is “The Matchmakers”, which follows Jeong Woo (played by Rowoon), whose political dreams are halted when he becomes the princess’ consort, and Jung Soon Deok (played by Cho Yi Hyun), a dual life-leading widow. Pressured by the royal family, they collaborate to marry off four old maids, navigating through differing views on marriage.

Rowoon and Cho Yi Hyun, who play the titular matchmakers, will reflect on the historical and cultural nuances of being a widower and a widow in the Joseon era. Throughout the episode, viewers can look forward to their hilarious “enemies to lovers” stories. The Matchmakers will premiere on October 30.

PHOTO: Rowoon and Cho Yi Hyun in “The Matchmakers” on Viu.

Here’s the trailer for “The Matchmakers” premiering this October 30 on Viu:

Premiering next is “Moon in the Day”, a gripping saga of a romance spanning 1,500 years — the past and the present. It revolves around a forbidden love between a restless spirit and the woman he is tasked to kill, entwined with the mission of a bodyguard protecting her artist from a would-be assassin.

Kim Young Dae and Pyo Ye Jin will portray both their past and present selves. Kim Young Dae (who starred in “The Penthouse”), will play Hwarang warrior Do Ha, who would later be reincarnated as top Korean celebrity Han Joon Oh. Pyo Ye Jin (best known for her lead role in “Taxi Driver”), will play Han Ri Ta, a Gaya lady caught in a political crossfire, and Kang Young Hwa, the Korean celebrity’s bodyguard.

Here’s the trailer for “Moon in the Day” premiering this November 1 on Viu:

It’s never a trick to give you two historical K-drama treats with “The Matchmakers” on October 30 and “Moon in the Day” on November 1, streaming exclusively on Viu.



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