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DreamNote’s ‘Secondary Page’ Fan Meeting: A Memorable Debut in Manila

It’s the girl group’s first visit to Manila!

K-pop girl group DREAMNOTE during their media conference and fansign activity in Manila at Quantum Skyview in Gateway 2 Mall, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines last September 21, 2023. HALLYULIFE PHOTO

DreamNote, the rising K-pop sensation, made their highly anticipated debut in the Philippines with the “Secondary Page” Media Conference and Fan meeting last September 21 at the Gateway 2 Quantum Skyview Activity Center, just before BamBam’s AREA 52 concert. The event left fans, known as “Filo Pages,” with unforgettable memories, from captivating performances to genuine interactions with the group.

DreamNote, a six-member girl group under IME Entertainment, consisting of Youi, Miso, Sumin, Lara, Boni, and Eunjo, kicked off the fan meeting with a refreshing rendition of “Lemonade.” The members were spellbound by the warmth and enthusiasm of their Filipino fans, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening.

The fan meeting was hosted by Jinho Bae, and the media had the opportunity to engage with the girls about their experiences in the Philippines and their upcoming performance as the opening act for BamBam’s concert. DreamNote also mentioned that they had their TV guesting in Eat Bulaga earlier before the fan meet, along with their eagerness to explore local night markets and savor Filipino dishes like sinigang, sisig, and balut, as suggested by their fans.

DreamNote shared their initial concern about their first performance in the Philippines, but their nervousness was quickly replaced by excitement as they witnessed the overwhelming love from their Filipino fans.

Regarding their participation in BamBam’s concert, the girls expressed their honor at being part of the event, recognizing the Thai K-pop idol as a senior in the industry. They pledged to deliver an electrifying performance that would match the energy of the concertgoers.

The group emphasized the importance of hyping up the crowd and creating unforgettable moments during their preparations for the fan meeting. They recognized the enthusiasm of the Filipino audience and were motivated to give their all.

DreamNote conveyed their desire to make lasting memories during their first visit to the Philippines and connect deeply with their Filipino fans. They promised to explore various music genres, particularly the more energetic ones, to keep their fans entertained.

One of the highlights of the evening was DreamNote expressing their wish to collaborate with Filipino artists. Members Youi and Somin had already created a buzz by performing a dance cover of SB19’s “Gento.” This announcement ignited excitement among fans, as they eagerly anticipated potential collaborations.

Following an engaging press conference, DreamNote took the stage again, this time enchanting the audience with their melodic track, “Blue.”

After their performance, ‘Filo Pages’ had the chance to engage with DreamNote through interactive games and taught the girls some Filipino words, such as ‘Mahal Kita’ and ‘Ikaw lang ang natatangi.’ Jin Ho also taught them some Filipino slang words like ‘Lodi’ and ‘Eme.’ The joyful interactions between the group and their fans added a special touch to the event, and fans were fortunate to win DreamNote albums as prizes.

DreamNote made their final stage appearance with the song “Broken,” leaving the audience with an indelible impression of their talent and passion.

Expressing their gratitude once more, DreamNote promised to return to the Philippines, ready to create more incredible memories with their devoted fans. As they bid farewell, the group left a promise in the air – they would be back, eager to relive the magic of their first fan meeting in the Philippines.

DreamNote’s “Secondary Page: Media and Fan Meeting” in Manila was presented by IME Philippines, and HallyuLife expresses its gratitude to them for the invitation to witness the show.

Check out our photos from the event here: DREAMNOTE @ BamBam’s AREA 52 Concert in Manila (HQ PHOTOS) [20230922] (



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