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Elkie officially leaves CLC and Cube Entertainment after requesting contract termination

Cube Entertainment announced on February 3 that the exclusive contract with Elkie has been terminated, also withdrawing her from the group CLC.

Elkie (real name Chong Ting-yan) of CLC is officially done with the group and her agency Cube Entertainment, after Cube Entertainment officially announced on Wednesday, February 3, that Elkie’s contract with them has been terminated.

According to a report by TopStarNews, Elkie’s side reportedly notified her company thru a law firm with a letter on December 30th regarding her wish to terminate the contract, citing the reasons such as the company’s failure to pay Elkie’s earnings and Cube’s inability to provide support for CLC’s activities after all the structural changes made on the company recently.

Here’s a copy of the letter:

To Cube Entertainment:

We are the legal counsel of Miss Chong Ting-yan and we are sending this letter regarding the issue of terminating the exclusive contract between Miss Chong and your company due to the following reasons:

According to Miss Chong’s statements and the materials she has provided us, Miss Chong signed an exclusive contract with Cube in February 2016. In the contract, it was stated that Cube would be the exclusive managing agency for Miss Chong’s entertainment activities. Following the signing of the contract, Miss Chong joined girl group CLC, and fulfilled the responsibilities that were outlined in the contract, followed the company’s guidelines and arrangements, and dedicated her time to training for acting as well. However, Miss Chong claimed Cube Entertainment violated numerous terms and conditions from the contract, as highlighted below:

First, during the contract period, Miss Chong’s income from her entertainment activities was collected by Cube Entertainment. However, Cube Entertainment never released any income statements or specific details to Miss Chong.

Second, after the signing of the contract, Miss Chong fulfilled the responsibilities outlined in the contract and participated in the schedules that she was required to and arranged by Cube Entertainment. However, Cube Entertainment did not pay Miss Chong for her acting activities as outlined in Article 6.4 in the exclusive contract.

Third, due to Cube Entertainment’s management and internal structure changes, you informed the CLC members that there would no longer be any developmental support in 2020. Since then, Cube Entertainment has not provided any reasonable plans for Miss Chong’s future, and instead, your actions showed that you would no longer fulfill the terms of the contract.

Based on the above, Cube Entertainment’s actions are violating the contract and hindering Miss Chong’s development and growth in the entertainment industry.

After this was revealed to the public, Elkie posted a handwritten letter on her official SNS, saying her feelings and her thanks to all the fans whom have supported her on the journey with CLC and as an artist.

Cube Entertainment, seemingly didn’t demand anything and instead, resorted to contract termination as per Elkie’s wish, announcing the news with a statement posted on CLC’s official accounts, saying that it is a mutual decision between both parties.

This is Cube Entertainment.

We would like to inform you that the exclusive contract with our artist Elkie has been terminated.
With this termination, Elkie is now withdrawn from the group CLC.
This conclusion follows a mutual agreement between both parties.

We extend our gratitude to the fans who had sent love for Elkie.
Please wish Elkie the best in her future endeavors.

Thank you.

Elkie debuted with CLC in February 2016, after being added to the lineup with current member Eunbin.



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