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Here’s 10 songs from (G)I-DLE to get yourself hyped up for their upcoming Manila concert | #GETHYPED

Honestly, it’s hard to pick from (G)I-DLE’s awesome discography, but hear us out.

(G)I-DLE. Photo from CUBE Entertainment/Naver Post

Here’s 10 songs from (G)I-DLE to get yourself hyped up for their upcoming Manila concert | #GETHYPED

Filipino NEVERLAND! This is it, (G)I-DLE is finally coming to Manila for the first time around to stage their first concert here as part of their “Just Me ()I-DLE” world tour.

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And as the show day approaches, here we are, getting hyped up as we wait to see these queens perform their hits live, and there’s no other way around this than to listen to their songs on repeat until the show day at the New Frontier Theater on September 11.

I know, being a NEVERLAND myself, that (G)I-DLE has many masterpieces on its discography, but hear me out, we only need 10 for this piece, and it’s really hard to pick – so here’s what I think that I can confidently recommend listening to everyone, no matter what music palette or taste you have.

With that said, I can’t guarantee if all of these will be performed live on their tour, but yeah – our aim here is to get you hyped, right?


Given that this tour revolves around their recent first studio album “I NEVER DIE”, this should be the first song on this playlist, right? Smashing multiple records and charts with its release, this release highlighted just why (G)I-DLE is considered one of the most unique K-pop girl groups of this generation. Not only because Soyeon is in charge of writing and most of its production, but because of the group’s strong and unique concepts.


This b-side track from the album “I NEVER DIE” should follow on this playlist, not only because it’s from the same studio album, but it’s also good enough that it deserved a spot on this hard-picked list. The song’s catchy beat, hook, and lyrics never fail anyone to feel the vibe that this track brings.


Originally released as their final song for the show “Queendom”, this ‘masterpiece’ as we would love to refer to is an absolute must-hear for every K-pop stan out there. The original performance from Queendom (unfortunately got deleted from Mnet’s YouTube channel), was deemed truly legendary, and even after Queendom 2, many think it’s still the best performance so far from the series.

The lyrics, written by Soyeon again, were fitting enough for them, referring to themselves as queens. The song was re-released then as part of their EP “I Trust” in 2020.

Oh My God

Following the masterpiece above is another masterpiece in the same mini album “I Trust”.

And perhaps, the title of the song is all of our reactions when the music video for this dropped in the year 2020. No other words here.


(G)I-DLE’s debut track, LATATA, for us, is one of the best releases of the year 2018. It gave us a sneak peek of what the then-rookie (G)I-DLE would have in store for us for the upcoming years. This song immediately made me a NEVERLAND because I am a sucker for good music, and I remembered telling myself that “this group will go places, that’s for sure”.


One of the other masterpieces on their debut mini album “I AM”, this b-side track deserves a listen if you love some chill vibe with its musical combination + (G)I-DLE’s powerful prowess.

Despite (G)I-DLE now having more b-sides that are good too, this one I surely won’t forget and would still recommend to everyone even to this day.


One of the songs that probably showed that (G)I-DLE can really do diverse concepts, Senorita was one gem of a kind that (G)I-DLE has released. While many still think that this is their most underrated song, I believe that this song is still popular enough among NEVERLANDs.

And that catchy lyrics especially Yuqi’s line for sure never fail to make you sing along.

HANN (Alone)

The successor to “LATATA”, (G)I-DLE once again proved that their discography and sound are unique than most K-pop groups that debuted in the year 2018. The musical combination was compelling, the structure was interesting to the point you’ll just catch yourself singing to it unconsciously.


Released in early 2021, this song has garnered multiple awards and nominations during its tenure. Once again, this proved that (G)I-DLE never fails to sound fresh every single time they make a comeback, even with a plethora of other good K-pop songs released in that year as well.


Proving the versatility that these queens had, this summer song from (G)I-DLE showcased another side of them, and that they’re not just all about dark, girl crush, eerie concepts – they can do all.

Are you excited to see them live this September 11 at the New Frontier Theater? Of course, we are, too!

Check out more details about the show here.

(G)I-DLE’s “Just Me ()I-DLE” in Manila is promoted by PULP Live World and is presented by CUBE Entertainment & CJ ENM. 
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