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Here’s why TWICE’s ‘TT’ is unfit for broadcast in the Philippines

You might not know why

Famous South Korean & Philippine TV personality Ryan Bang appeared on the December 11 episode of MBC Video Star, and shares that TWICE‘s “TT” is unfit for broadcast in the Philippines.

“In Filipino, ‘TT’ tends to mean as the male private part. It’s especially more embarrassing because there’s a part in the choreography where they point down there.”, Ryan Bang explained.

Photo: MBC

MC Park Na Rae asked choreographer Lia Kim, who also joined as a guest, and asked, “Was this intended?” Lia Kim replied, “No, it was created based on the crying emoticon [ㅠㅠ].” 

Ryan Bang commented, “I think it’s more easily misunderstood in the Philippines because the crying emoticon doesn’t exist there.

While we all know that the word, or abbreviation ‘TT’ do really translates to the male private part in the Philippines, was it really for the better to ban the song there? Let us know what do you think in the comments!


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