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Here’s why TWICE’s Jeongyeon doesn’t have any solo fancams for MORE & MORE

It’s not a matter of mistreatment to Jeongyeon, according to herself.

If you’re on Twitter, you might have seen that the hashtag #RespectJeongyeon or Jeongyeon have trended previously, after music shows seemingly refused to upload TWICE’s Jeongyeon solo fancams.

Many fans seemed concerned regarding the issue, and had tweeted their disappointment against music shows, saying that it is not fair to Jeongyeon.

As with the photo from the tweet above, it seems that all Korean music shows (shown: SBS K-pop) are refusing to upload every Jeongyeon solo fancams, leading to fans suspecting that they are mistreating Jeongyeon in particular.

However, today, Jeongyeon went on VLIVE to interact with her fans, leading her to explain the situation. (via @misayeon/Twitter)

In short, Jeongyeon reportedly said that she is suffering from a slipped/herniated disk in her neck, leading to her getting less time to practice for this comeback since she had spent more of her time getting treatment at the hospital.

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She also said that while filming their music video for More & More, she felt numbness all the way to her ears, getting her another hospital time back then, although the fact that her neck was not well was very well known with some ONCEs.

Jeongyeon had also felt that she couldn’t show a perfect image to fans on stage, that’s why she and the company have requested to music shows not to upload her solo fancams.

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Bryan "Snow" Osorio is a technology and entertainment Journalist, editor-in-chief of & HallyuLife and CEO/Co-Founder of AstPro Media Group (AMG).

An award-waiting journalist who writes articles that have no discretion, he loves to listen to K-Pop and also making his own music. He is also a technology, audio, car, and gadget geek so when he's not working, he just watches Korean shows, or videos on YouTube.

Unfortunately, despite being a CEO, he's always on a budget.


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