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HORI7ON brings luck to ANCHORs on their Manila comeback showcase

I feel lucky because we are holding a showcase in the Philippines this time. – Marcus

HORI7ON during their "DAYTOUR" comeback showcase last March 2, 2024 held at the Samsung Hall, SM Aura Premier in Taguig City, Philippines. HALLYULIFE PHOTO

MANILA HORI7ON, the all-Filipino global pop group under MLD Entertainment composed of Vinci, Kim, Kyler, Reyster, Winston, Jeromy, and Marcus kicked off their first-ever comeback showcase for ‘DAYTOUR’ Comeback Showcase in Manila.

Before the showcase, HORI7ON first met the media and shared their experiences over the past year and their preparations for their latest song, ‘LUCKY.’

Looking back on the journey HORI7ON made over the past year to the present day, the boys shared their memorable experiences. Reyster opened up that he’s at ease right now and finally free from stress, revealing that he had struggled with an eating disorder last year.

Meanwhile, their Mexico visit last year impressed Kim because of the huge support they received from the fans. Aside from these, they fondly reminisce about their debut concert at the Araneta Coliseum, engaging in School Attack visits at various schools in South Korea, and participating in music shows.

Reflecting on these memorable moments, one particular event they are always grateful for is when HORI7ON received the “AAA FOCUS AWARD” at the Asia Artist Awards 2023. They shared that their win was completely unexpected yet profoundly unforgettable.

HORI7ON at the red carpet of the Asia Artist Awards 2023 held in Philippine Arena in Bulacan, Philippines. HALLYULIFE PHOTO

“We really grew a lot as HORI7ON in terms of skills and chemistry. For the past year in Korea, we had many conflicts and ups and downs. I think through the hard times that we experienced, our bond together has been stronger but skill-wise, I think the person who grew the most is Kuya Kyler,” shared Marcus, the youngest member of HORI7ON, when questioned about the member who experienced the most significant growth.

When discussing about being a global pop group, HORI7ON acknowledged that mastering different languages and understanding diverse cultures presents a challenge. However, they expressed their openness to learning and embracing new experiences as they strive to connect with fans worldwide on a global scale.

Their newest single ‘LUCKY’ will once again encapsulate the cheerful and youthful side of the group. This hi-teen vibrant confession song expresses affection for their loved ones.

Here’s Jeromy showcasing the point choreography of ‘LUCKY!’

The media conference wrapped up with HORI7ON’s LUCKY messages.

Vinci: “I feel lucky because I can eat Filipino foods again.”

Kim: “I feel lucky because I ate three Chicken Inasal today.”

Kyler: “I feel lucky because I became part of HORI7ON.”

Reyster: “I feel lucky because I have red hair.”

Winston: “I feel lucky because, in a few hours, we will meet our ANCHORs.”

Jeromy: “I feel lucky because we will be going to see our ANCHORs again.”

Marcus: “I feel lucky because we are holding a showcase in the Philippines this time.” 

At the showcase

HORI7ON reunited with their ANCHORs as they showcased their newest song ‘LUCKY’ and performed it live for the first time. The Samsung Hall buzzed with excitement as the fans welcomed the boys with their unbeaten energy that also hyped them!

Following their first performance, HORI7ON reconnects with fans as they pick fun questions from the Q&A box provided by their ANCHORs.

In the question, “What places do you want to visit with your ANCHORs?” HORI7ON said:

  • Kim desires to visit Avilon Zoo and also spend time with the friendly animals.
  • Winston likes to go to Lotte World and experience the exciting rides.
  • Reyster wishes to visit beaches like Boracay.
  • Kyler also desires to explore the serene Maldives.
  • Marcus wants to go to France, particularly Paris!
  • Jeromy wishes to enjoy the sunset view.
  • Vinci desires to visit Palawan in the Philippines.

HORI7ON also shared funny experiences such as Kim’s attempt to cook the Filipino dish Adobo, which accidentally turned into Sinigang, and Reyster’s purchase of an ear cleaner, which he ended up using with the other members.

Apart from this, HORI7ON’s main dancer Jeromy took the opportunity to teach the whole crowd the choreography for ‘LUCKY.’

The group’s hit songs ‘METEOR,’ ‘Tiger,’ ‘Salamat,’ and ‘SIX7EEN were also performed by HORI7ON.

HORI7ON closes the night as they showcase again their newest song ‘LUCKY’ for their encore performance!

ANCHORs who were unable to attend the group’s comeback showcase will still have an opportunity to watch them live, as HORI7ON will hold a nationwide promotion starting in Davao, Philippines, in collaboration with the largest shopping mall brand, SM Supermalls. HORI7ON extends a warm invitation to all!

‘DAYTOUR: HORI7ON Comeback Showcase is made possible by DNM Entertainment and MLD Entertainment



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