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How DJ HYO partied like no other with her fans in Manila

Her ‘Exclusive DJ Set in Manila’ is not like any K-Pop concert we’ve witnessed!

For Filipino SONEs, February 8 was indeed a special day, where some got the chance to party with the one and only Hyoyeon, who’s also going by the name DJ HYO on House Manila in Resorts World Manila complex at Pasay City.

And we’re here to tell you the story.

The course openers

Before DJ HYO took over the club as the main DJ of the night, opening acts such as LOX, Nix Damn P! and Angelo G took over the stage for over the course of an hour, sharing some of their own songs as well as setting the mood for a party that is being written in the history.

Partying with the main act

As DJ HYO enters the stage, everyone was in cheers, excited about their ‘kumare’ showing up as the whole night club chants her name.

Spinning up a variety of beats and remixes from the past and the present, DJ HYO makes everyone scream and shout by playing some remixes of well-known pop musics, as well as hyping up everyone when she started dropping remixes of Girls’ Generation hits, such as “The Boys”, and “Gee”.

Of course, the K-Pop idol-turned-DJ also incorporated her own hits into her ‘exclusive’ Manila setlist. Everyone jammed heavily when the beats of her own remixes of “Punk Right Now”, “Sober” and “Badster” was blasted on the club’s speakers.

Known for being Girls’ Generation’s “Dance Machine”, Hyoyeon showed her fans some cute moves while dancing with the crowd. Everyone went more ecstatic when she tied up her hair up, showing us a more lovely side of her!

DJ HYO also interacted heavily with her fans during the hour-long set, with her fans giving her a banner saying that “You’re the best DJ”, as well as “Making memories with PH SONE”.

While it may seem unusual for some to see a K-Pop idol as a DJ on a nightclub, for us, it made us realize that the spirit of K-Pop is not just on concert halls and music shows, it’s everywhere. With DJ HYO, we made unforgettable memories together and had a party like no other.

HallyuLife would like to extend its gratitude to FanLive, Istudyo Ni Pipay and DreamMaker Entertainment who made the event possible and for the media invite.



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