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How Hwang Min Hyun unveiled his hidden side during his mini concert in Manila | #ShowRewind

Hwang Min Hyun has “UNVEILed” his unlimited charms during his mini concert in Manila!

South Korean singer and actor Hwang Min-hyun during his "UNVEIL" mini-concert in Manila at New Frontier Theater in Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines last October 8, 2023. HALLYULIFE PHOTO

Manila, Philippines — South Korean singer, songwriter, and actor Hwang Minhyun graced the Manila stage last October 8, 2023 for his <UNVEIL> tour at the New Frontier Theater and unveiled his ‘hidden side.’

He started his career as a member of NU’EST and later on participated in Produce 101 wherein he became part of Wanna One. Currently, he is promoting as a soloist.

The charming Hwang Minhyun fiercely opens his UNVEIL show in Manila with “Hidden Side.” The whole theater was filled with cheers and screams from his Hwangdo. The South Korean singer, Minhyun cutely introduced himself in Filipino, “Ako si Hwang Minhyun, na-miss ko kayo!”

As his mini concert was titled, <UNVEIL> Minhyun definitely unveiled his unlimited charms during his Manila show. Showing off his amazing and enchanting vocals, Minhyun performed various songs that showed his innocent, sexy, and cute side.

Aside from “Hidden Side,” Minhyun also performed “Honest,” “Earphone,” “So Beautiful,” “Perfect Type,” “Cube,” “Universe,” and “Smile.”

Minhyun had several segments for his UNVEIL tour in Manila such as “UNVEIL Timing Game” and “Hwang Minhyun Music Album Season 2.”

In his UNVEIL Timing Game, Minhyun needed to sing, dance, and act correctly which was shown on the LED screen. Minhyun got the dancing and acting part wrong but he confidently got the singing part correct! Since he got lost in the game there’s a punishment. He wore a cute headband as he danced to Baekhyun’s Betcha and NewJean’s Super Shy.

In his Hwang Minhyun Music Album Season 2, he gave advice to the sender of the story about his love, and Minhyun dedicated and sang a song for the sender such as “Back In Time” and Jung Seunghwan’s The Snowman.

At the end of his mini-concert, Minhyun thanked his Hwangdos for always supporting him. His Hwangdos are happy to be reunited with him and for the new memorable memories; they had with him during his show. From the start of the show until the end of his mini-concert, Minhyun unveiled how he can be innocent, sexy, and cute at the same time. His genuine reactions really touched the hearts of his Hwangdos.

After his show, Minhyun shared via X (formerly Twitter) how happy he was to be with his Hwangdo in Manila.

Hwang Min Hyun’s <UNVEIL> Mini Concert In Manila is presented by PLEDIS Entertainment, TONZ Entertainment, PULP Live World, and Happee Hour. HallyuLife would like to thank them for having us on this show.

Check out our photos from the event here: Hwang Min Hyun @ UNVEIL Mini-Concert in Manila (HQ PHOTOS) [20231008]



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