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How Park Jinyoung made his “Rendezvous” with his fans unforgettable | #ShowRewind

His fan concert was a night full of unforgettable memories!

Park Jin-young during the press conference for his "Rendezvous" Fan Concert in Manila last February 26 at Novotel Ballroom. HALLYULIFE PHOTO

MANILA — Korean singer-actor Park Jinyoung recently embarked on his first solo fan concert here last February 26 at the New Frontier Theater. This is his first solo activity in the Philippines after GOT7’s concert in Manila last 2019.

Hours before the fancon, Jinyoung welcomed the media with a smile on his face as he answered some questions and expressed how happy he was to be able to come to the Philippines again and meet the fans.

“What changed over the 10 years?” Kring Kim, the host for the presscon and fancon asked.

Jinyoung answered, “First of all the way I speak before I was talking in dialects now I am talking in Seoul dialects… And think I grew in height and my muscles have grown…”

When asked what it is like being a solo artist he said that the preparation is short because with the members usually it takes two hours.

“What’s the one rendezvous that you can’t forget?”

“For the past two years, I haven’t been performing often except the recent one with GOT7, so for me having to perform again is a rendezvous.”

Jinyoung was asked what kind of roles does he wish to undertake and he said, “Actually I want to play various roles and actually every role is special to me but I want to play a role that would match my age.”

Park Jinyoung’s message to his fans

“Thank you everyone for the fans waiting for me even though it’s been a lot of years since we’ve seen each other but thank you for waiting for me… I will give my best in this concert. Mahal kita.”


It was exactly five in the evening when Jinyoung embarked on his “2023 PARK JINYOUNG FANCONCERT RENDEZVOUS in Manila: Secret Meeting Between You and Me” at the New Frontier Theater last February 26, 2023.

Screams all over the theater and excited fans were excited to see Jinyoung again and it finally happened.


Jinyoung welcomed the fans with his amazing vocals as he sings JJ Project’s ‘Coming Home’ as his opening song followed by his song ‘Cotton Candy.’

After he performed his opening song he was asked how does he feel? Jinyoung said that he misses the fans and he wants to show his all in his Manila show. He also shared how he prepared his ‘Chapter 0: WITH’ album and hoped that the fans would love it.

Throughout his fancon he also sings his songs ‘Letter,’ ‘Animal,’ ‘Our Miracle,’ ‘Sleep Well,’ and ‘DIVE.’


In the Actor Park Jinyoung segments, he tackled the roles he had before as an actor and shared some memories of his previous roles like in ‘My Love Eundong,’ ‘A Christmas Carol,’ and ‘Yumi’s Cells’

When asked if he has superpowers Jinyoung answered space transportation [teleportation] so he can always come [to any place].

Kring Kim even joked with him and said “Please come here often” to which Jinyoung answered, “See you tomorrow!”

He was then asked if there was an actor that’s his role model and Jinyoung said, “Did you watch Dream Knight? JAY B. He’s my favorite. It’s an honor to act with him in the same drama.”

In the Jinyoung Moment segment, Jinyoung shared some of the photos that he cherished the most. He also shared one photo that Yugyeom took that’s why he loves it. Jinyoung also mentioned that most of the time he was the one who always took pictures of the members so he loves the photo that Yugyeom took of him.

The host asked him if there’s a favorite subject that Jinyoung likes when he takes photographs, Jinyoung said that it used to be the members but now it’s more on sightseeing photos.


Jinyoung prepared a couple of gifts for the Ahgase. Supposedly he’ll just pick four lucky fans that will have a chance for a photo opportunity with him but he added one more, so a total of five one on one pictures with Jinyoung. He also picked six messages from the Ahgase and they also received a gift from Jinyoung! The fun doesn’t stop from there because three lucky birthday celebrants on February 26 got a personalized message from Jinyoung and three more celebrants received merch.

In the VCR the fans showed and talked about how they miss Jinyoung in their respective languages.

Jinyoung said that through the video he saw how the fans really missed the GOT7 members. He also expressed that he’s sad about being with the fans for just a day but he promised that he’s coming back and he hopes for the fans to be healthy.

Of course, there’s a GOT7 MEDLEY!

Jinyoung also performed JJ Project’s Bounce and GOT7’s A, Just Right, Hard Carry, and You Calling My Name!

Definitely a fun night with Ahgases

Towards the end of the show, Jinyoung performed various GOT7 songs like ‘Last Piece,’ ‘NANANA,’ ‘Home Run,’ and ‘Encore.’

“I won’t able to see you guys for a long time. Thank you so much for waiting for me… See you next time with the other members. Thank you. I love you. Thank you, Philippines.”

2023 Park Jinyoung FanConcert ‘RENDEZVOUS’ in Manila: Secret Meeting Between You and Me is presented by PULP Live World. 



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