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IZ*ONE’s Minju to replace Gugudan’s Mina as host of MBC’s Music Core

She will be joining Music Core on the 13th!

IZ*ONE‘s Kim Minju (or Minjoo) will be replacing singer-actress Kang Mina of gugudan as one of the emcees / hosts of MBC’s music program Music Core, joining SF9‘s Chani and Stray Kids‘s Hyunjin.

Minju will be joining the show for the first time on the 13th, according to Xports News, after Kang Mina stepped down as MC for about 2 years and three months, with her last appearance as MC being on the 30th of May.

In other news, Minju and her group IZ*ONE is set to return on the 15th with new mini-album called ‘Oneiric Diary’, and is expected to promote on various music shows and channels as well.


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