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Ji Chang Wook announces first drama after discharge from military service

Please melt me.

First published on April 30 @ 15:00 | Updated on August 27 @ 14:40

Just days after release from the mandatory military service in South Korea, actor Ji Chang Wook has accepted the offer for the lead role on the upcoming tvN drama ‘Please Melt Me’ (also known as Melting Me Softly) on April 30.

Written by Sung Woo-cheol, the drama genre is a romance-comedy one and is expected to have a unique storyline which talks about a scientific human biology project. Actress Won Jin-ah is confirmed to be her leading lady.

Ji Chang Wook

His last drama prior to his military enlistment was Suspicious Partner, a romantic-themed melodrama.

The drama is set to air on September 28, 2019.


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