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K-Pop boy group member reputation for the month of July

Here are the top K-Pop boy group members for the month of July.

The Korean Business Research Institute announces its ‘K-Pop boy group members brand reputation rankings‘ for the month of July.

The said brand reputation ranking represents the value of the 630 boy group members through media attention, consumer interests, interactions, and reactions.

BTS Jimin takes the top spot for the 19th consecutive month with an index score of 6,104,773 with an increase of 83.50 His high-ranking phrases include ‘Billboard’ and ‘Oricon’ with their group’s consecutive records and recent awards.

EXO Chanyeol rises its ranking to the second spot who increases his ranking by 185.21% with an index score of 4,197,287. The successful release of their duo unit EXO-SC‘s album ‘1 Billion Views‘ along with their sidetrack ‘Telephone‘ places him to the second spot along with Sehun who is also on the top 5.

BTS members Jungkook and V retain their third and fourth positions respectively with Jungkook’s index score of 4,121,974 and V’s index score of 3,950,794.

Lastly, EXO-SC’s other half Sehun places at the fifth spot with an index score of 3,766,957. Sehun and Chanyeol’s solo tracks and music videos became the recent searches ahead of their comeback as EXO-SC.

  1. BTS Jimin
  2. EXO Chanyeol
  3. BTS Jungkook
  4. BTS V
  5. EXO Sehun
  6. BTS Suga
  7. EXO Baekhyun
  8. Highlight Doojoon
  9. BTS Jin
  10. TVXQ Yunho
  11. Super Junior Heechul
  12. BTS RM
  13. SF9 Chani
  14. SF9 Rowoon
  15. Block B Park Kyung
  16. BTS J-Hope
  18. SEVENTEEN Hoshi
  19. Teen Top Niel
  20. SEVENTEEN Woozi
  21. SF9 Dawon
  22. SEVENTEEN Seungkwan
  23. SEVENTEEN Vernon
  24. The Boyz Sunwoo
  25. SEVENTEEN Jeonghan
  26. SEVENTEEN Mingyu
  27. Shinhwa Dong Wan
  28. SEVENTEEN Wonwoo
  29. SF9 Inseong
  30. NU’EST Ren

The data gathered from June 17 to July 18 will be the basis for this month of July. –



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