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K-Pop girl group member reputation for the month of July

Here are the top K-Pop girl group members for the month of July.

The Korean Business Research Institute announces its ‘K-Pop girl group members brand reputation rankings‘ for the month of July.

The said brand reputation ranking represents the value of the 510 girl group members through media attention, consumer interests, interactions, and reactions.

BLACKPINK sweeps the top three spots with Jennie, Lisa, and Jisoo respectively. Jennie takes the top spot as she increases her ranking by 108.19% with an index score of 4,820,968. Their successful comeback with ‘How You Like That’ placed the group’s members to the top including their over 82% positive reactions online.

Following Jennie is Lisa on the 2nd spot who increases her ranking by 147.51% with an index score of 3,468,433. While Jisoo takes the 3rd spot with an increase of 92.70% with an index score of 3.310.960.

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Red Velvet comes in the fourth and fifth spots with Irene and Seulgi respectively. Irene takes the 4th spot having an index score of 3,133,452, while Seulgi takes the 5th spot with an index score of 3,119,931. Their successful debut with ‘Monster’ placed the duo in the top 5 of the ranking.

  1. BLACKPINK Jennie
  3. BLACKPINK Jisoo
  4. Red Velvet Seulgi
  5. Red Velvet Irene
  7. MAMAMOO Hwasa
  8. Oh My Girl Arin
  9. GFRIEND Eunha
  10. GFRIEND SinB
  11. LABOUM Solbin
  12. GFRIEND Sowon
  13. IZ*ONE Wonyoung
  14. Red Velvet Joy
  15. GFRIEND Umji
  16. GFRIEND Yuju
  17. Oh My Girl Hyojung
  18. IZ*ONE Minju
  19. GFRIEND Yerin
  20. Oh My Girl YooA
  21. IZ*ONE Kim Chaewon
  22. IZ*ONE Jo Yuri
  23. IZ*ONE Eunbi
  24. IZ*ONE Yujin
  25. Apink Eunji
  26. IZ*ONE Sakura
  27. Girls’ Generation Yuri
  28. IZ*ONE Kang Hyewon
  29. IZ*ONE Yena
  30. Oh My Girl Seunghee

The data gathered from June 19 to July 19 will be the basis for this month of July. –


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