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Kim Jae Joong’s “J Concert” rocks Mall of Asia Arena, sends message of love to his PH ‘boss babies’

“The Filipino fans don’t age at all!”

Kim Jae Joong during his "J Concert" in Manila. HALLYULIFE PHOTO

“Eat well, get enough sleep, and please love me a lot.” – Kim Jae Joong’s message to his fans during his ‘J Concert’ in Manila.

It may took a long time for Kim Jae Joong to visit again his PH Boss Babies (his fans), but it’s never too late for the former TVXQ, JYJ member, and solo artist to bring out one awesome concert night at the Mall of Asia Arena, which took place last July 28th. But before we take you to the rocking experience, he welcomed the media with a smile despite the gloomy weather, one day prior to his concert.

Kim Jae Joong was sorry that he came back just now to the Philippines after approximately six years, but through this concert, he hoped that his PH Boss Babies will enjoy the night and wished to return more often and stay longer in the country. He also wished that those who were affected by the recent typhoon and torrential rains during that time will recover.

Kim Jae Joong during his “J Concert” in Manila. HALLYULIFE PHOTO

Around 8 PM (Philippine Time), Kim Jae Joong gets on the stage and showed his soft side by singing “We’re” (from J-JUN: ON THE ROAD – an artist Journey), “In This World”, and “Tender Love”. He also serenades his fans with ballad tracks such as “Now is Good”, “One Kiss”, “Run Away”, “Locking Love”, and “Paradise”. His fans were treated to a relaxing concert experience through his soulful voice singing those songs live.

Kim Jae Joong expressed his longing to see his Filipino fans that’s why he said “Namiss ko kayo! (I miss you all!)” and “Mahal ko kayo! (I love you all)”. His last visit to the Philippines was approximately six (6) years ago that’s why he misses them so much.

And why did we tell you about Kim Jae Joong’s soft side of the concert? Because it’s time for the fans to witness the rockstar Kim Jae Joong! He started off with his rock and roll performances of “Luvholic” and “Secret”, then he was welcomed wholeheartedly by his PH Boss Babies as he sings “Welcome to My World”.

Kim Jae Joong roamed around the WAVE (CIP) section of the arena to interact with his fans as he sing “Kiss B”.

PH Boss Babies screamed as loud as they can as Kim Jae Joong continues to rock the stage with “9+1#” and “Mine”.

Prior to his encore performance, PH Boss Babies prepared a special message to Kim Jae Joong that he truly loved that night.

Kim Jae Joong did not end the night without his encore performances of “Nobody Like You”, “Walking on Water”, and “I’ll Protect You”, which shows a message of love and care toward his fans. He thanked everyone who came to his concert despite the rainy weather, and even told everyone at one point, “The Filipino fans don’t age at all!”

Kim Jae Joong during his “J Concert” in Manila. HALLYULIFE PHOTO

Kim Jae Joong really rocked our worlds that night with his amazing voice and charisma on stage. Through his songs, he truly took us to his world and shared his stories with all of the Boss Babies present that night. It might be a rainy night but, it will be a memorable rainy night to remember with Kim Jae Joong.

Kim Jae Joong’s J Concert in Manila is presented by Neuwave Events and Productions and iNKODE. We would like to thank them for letting us be a part of this show.



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