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Kim Seon-ho painted the town bright at the ‘Color+Full Asia Tour’ Fan Meet in Manila, shows why he’s known as the “Good Boy”

Kim Seon Ho isn’t just known as “Good Boy” for nothing; he truly embodies the qualities of a good person with a heart of gold. This is precisely why he’s adored by his fans, the Seonho-hadas. Even if you’re not initially a die-hard fan, getting to know Kim Seon Ho as a person and as an idol will undoubtedly surprise you with his genuine goodness.

With his soaring popularity, Kim Seon Ho, our beloved Good Boy, recently created more colorful memories with his Filipino fans, affectionately known as Filo Seonhohadas, during his “Color+Full Asia Tour” Fan Meeting at the SM Mall of Asia Arena last Saturday.

The fan meeting was set into a fun atmosphere as the very energetic Ryan Bang hosted the fan meeting, with his hilarious antics and adorable admiration for Seon Ho. The fans have been enthralled and entertained throughout the night, bursting into laughter at Ryan’s witty remarks and comedic timing. His infectious energy and cheerful demeanor added an extra layer of enjoyment to the event, creating unforgettable memories for everyone, including Seon Ho, who couldn’t help but join in the laughter.

Prior to the fan meeting’s commencement, lucky fans had the opportunity to engage with Kim Seon Ho in various activities, selected randomly for the chance to interact closely with their idol.

As soon as Kim Seon Ho graced the stage, the crowd erupted into wild excitement, eagerly anticipating his performances. Among the highlights was his heartfelt serenade to his fans with the song “Miracle,” captivating everyone in attendance with his talent and sincerity.

During the initial segment of the program, Seon Ho delighted fans by sharing personal anecdotes, including the significance of his name: “Seon” meaning “generous” and “Ho” symbolizing “courageous.” Expressing his fondness for Manila City, he marveled at its seaside views and vibrant theme parks, eager to explore Filipino cuisine by expressing interest in pairing tteokbokki with the local favorite, “lechon.” The audience’s artistic talents shone as they presented Seon Ho with skillfully crafted portraits, prompting him to express admiration and gratitude.

In the latter part of the fan meeting, Seon Ho engaged lucky attendees in a lively “Challenge Relay Drawing Quiz,” eliciting cheers and laughter. Witnessing Seon Ho’s playful interactions with fans during the game left Filo Seonhohadas in awe, each moment underscored by his genuine warmth and consideration, evident even in moments of playful competition. Winners of the game get the chance to have a Seon Ho’s Season Greetings with his autograph.

Fans witnessed Seon actively engaging in various Filipino games, including Tongue Twisters, where he gamely attempted phrases like “Tasa sa Tanso, Tanso sa Tasa” and “Siopao, Siomai, Suman.” Additionally, he showcased his skills in traditional games like Sipa and the trending sensation, “Tumpakners.” Lucky participants who played alongside Seon Ho not only had the chance to snap selfies with him but also received warm embraces at the conclusion of each game.

In the final segment, Seon Ho displayed his culinary prowess by preparing Fun Chow Fried Rice during the Ho Chelin Restaurant segment. Fans marveled at his cooking skills, some even jokingly labeling him as potential “husband material,” as they eagerly sampled his delectable dishes.

Ms. Angie Flaminiano, CEO of NutriAsia’s UFC, expressed gratitude to Seon Ho for elevating the fan meeting to an extraordinary experience, bringing joy to every attendee. She also extended her appreciation to Seon Ho’s fans for their unwavering support of the brand and enthusiastic participation in the event. Seon Ho reciprocated the gratitude, expressing his enjoyment as the ambassador of UFC and reminiscing about the fun he had while filming the latest commercial.

Seon Ho thanked his fans sincerely for their overwhelming support, drawing immense energy from their love. Before saying goodbye, he posed for a group photo with fans, who surprised him with a heartfelt video expressing their love and birthday wishes, as his birthday falls on May 8. Ending on a high note, Seon Ho serenaded fans with his rendition of “Reason,” inviting them to join in song.

Indeed, Kim Seon Ho’s “Color+Full Asia Tour” fan meeting in Manila was a celebration of joy and camaraderie, leaving an indelible mark on every Seonhohada’s heart. As fans bid farewell, they carry with them cherished memories and a reaffirmed appreciation for Seon Ho’s genuine connection with his admirers.

The Kim Seon Ho Color+Full Asia Tour in Manila was made possible by MakeitLive & Nutri Asia (UFC Meal Masters). HallyuLife would like to extend our thanks to them for inviting us to this incredible event.

Check out our photos from the event here: Kim Seon Ho @ Color+Full Asia Tour in Manila (HQ PHOTOS) [20240413]



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