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Lee Jinhyuk had a meaningful night with his fans during his first Manila fan meeting | #ShowRewind

His night with V-Dans was ‘napakalupit’

UP10TION member and former Produce X 101 contestant Lee Jinhyuk recently held his ‘S.O.L’ fan meeting in Manila last December 14th at the New Frontier Theater, leaving a memorable night for all of his Filipino V-Dans (own fandom name) and Honey10 (UP10TION’s fandom name).

In this #ShowRewind feature, we’ll tell you stories about how his very first solo fan meeting in the Philippines was ‘masaya, nakakatuwa at napakalupit‘ [his own words].

I Like That

Not only it is Jinhyuk’s opening number, it is also the lead track from his solo debut extended play, also bearing the same title. He fired up New Frontier Theater with his groovy dance moves and powerful rap verses on his ‘I Like That’ performance.

In return, fans filled up the theater with loud screams and cheers, as the star of the night turns into someone likeable with his shyness and nervousness starting to show as he gets to face his PH V-Dans on stage.

Getting to know Jinhyuk further

After his ‘I Like That’ performance, Jinhyuk describes his Manila fans as ‘hot’ and ‘passionate’.

Then he greeted his fans with the words “Mabuhay! Kinagagalak kong makita kayong lahat. Namiss ko kayo!”

The Q&A portion started with a talk about his ‘S.O.L’ album, where Jinhyuk answers questions such as what does ‘S.O.L’ means, which, according to him, was inspired by Greek mythology. He also talked about the tracks, and how he feels about Manila.

He then shared some stories behind the scenes of his Instagram photos for the next segment called ‘Hyukstagram’.

As host Sunny Kim requested, Jinhyuk got to teach his fans how to take a proper selfie, and here are his tips:

– Do a 45-degree angle pose while pointing the camera at yourself

– Don’t look at the camera directly and instead make it look like candid.

He also teached his fans how to take proper mirror selfies.

The next segment, called “Mystery Cards”, makes Jinhyuk talk about his likes and dislikes from things beinig hidden in mystery cards.

Game on almost everything, Jinhyuk flaunted his long legs (measuring around 110cm), also dropping some hot rap verses with his new rap name “Masa-RAP” (MC MasaRAP) (then being flustered when he found out what that word means).

The mystery cards game then goes on, leading to him talking about the elements behind his very own lightstick, as well as his role for the drama he was recently casted in. Unfortunately, that was a secret for now, according to him.

Asked for a role that he want, he said ‘being a bad boy/villain’. The audience however, shouted ‘Elsa’ and ‘Olaf’ from Frozen. The idol is known to be a fan of the Disney series.

On the other hand, he was also asked about Filipino foods that he have tried and/or wants to eat, and he said that he hasn’t tried anything yet, so fans suggested that he should try ‘Adobo’.

He also shared that he;s a huge fan of the King of Pop, no other than Michael Jackson, sincce he was a trainee. He also danced to a snippet of ‘Billie Jean’. Being asked why, Jinhyuk said that Michael Jackson shines by himself at all times.

As the segment ends with the last mystery card “V-DAN”, he explained that his fandom name was actually made by his fans, and not either by the company or him. He then said “Mahal kita” to his Filipino V-Dans.

He then proceeds to perform another stage, this time, with the song “Villain”. When asked about his cocncept, he said that he’s trying to imitate ‘Joker’.

Game time

Being known by his fans as a gamer, Jinhyuk unleashed his competitive side by participating on games prepared for his fan meeting.

Playing the Filipino classic game ‘Tumbang Preso’ with a twist using oversized slippers and can, Jinhyuk lost his confidence although he was cheered on by his V-Dans. He got to knock down the can within 49 seconds on a 90 second given time.

He then played another classic game called ‘Balloon Popping’, with some balloons containing random missions inside. Missions include dancing to ‘I Like That’ at twice its speed, doing 10 push-ups and random dance, where he got to show his version of ‘Havana’. He also got to do 3 aegyo poses which he was less confident doing so, by saying that he’d rather do push-ups instead and asking fans not to post it on SNS, and a morning wake-up call for his fans.

Nearing the end

As the end of the fan meeting draws closer, Jinhyuk changed into something much more comfortable when he performs ‘Follow Me & You’, the last song from his eponymous extended play.

Jinhyuk said that he doesn’t speak English, so it’s hard for him to communicate. However, he said that he can feel the connection with his fans. He also said that he’ll return with a better music and drama, and that he’s sad that he’ll leave soon.

Fans also prepared a special video project to surprise Jinhyuk, surprising the idol with the banners and a message that says

“Until sunrise, till dawn, we will be with you. You are the brightest sun in our lives.”

Few hours later, Jinhyuk took to Instagram to express his gratitude and message to his ‘napakalupit’ na PH V-Dans!

Jinhyuk also shared some behind the scenes from his Manila fan meeting on YouTube:

It might be a short time for some, but for V-Dans who really waited for this to happen, two hours surely weren’t enough. Till next time, Jinhyuk!

Lee Jinhyuk’s  ‘S.O.L’ Fan Meeting in Manila was presented by CDM Entertainment and is organized by TOP Media.



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