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Lee Sung-kyung showed why she is the swag queen on her visit to Manila

She talked about the possibility of Weightlifting Fairy Season 2, her favorites, wishes and of course, swag!

MANILA – On her press-conference the day she arrived on July 26, members of the media and some lucky fans who patiently waited at the conference venue, as the model-actress Lee Sung-kyung is set to appear to share her thoughts and respond to the questions thrown by the media.

Appearing on an emerald green floral dress, Lee Sung-kyung stuns everyone in the venue with her flawless, white skin and smile, with her angelic aura filling the entire theater along with fan chants as she posed with her signature ‘swag’ move when the media is taking photographs.

But before this become your conventional story-telling article, I’ll shift the focus now on the important part.

Kim Bok-Joo and Weightlifting Fairy popularity

Lee Sung-kyung poses for photo-op with the media during her press-conference on Friday, July 26. Photo by Bryan Snow/HallyuLife/AMG

The model-turned-actress rose to fame internationally with her critically-acclaimed drama “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo”. And in the Philippines, it turns out that it is really, indeed popular, too. As she learned that fact, Kim Bok-joo, I mean Lee Sung-kyung made sure that Bok Joo has been incorporated a lot and can still be seen despite her having a slim body and long hair.

When asked about portraying the role of Kim Bok Joo, she shared that it was actually difficult to portray the role, as the physical preparation itself took a toll on her and the changes in personality was difficult at first, but was able to pull it off.

And as a special talent, Lee Sung-kyung said that she is actually more comedic in real life, which can be proved perhaps on her character in dramas where she acted such as ‘Cheese In The Trap’, ‘Doctors’ and of course, ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo’.

Of course, she was asked if there’s a possibility of having a Season 2 of Kim Bok-joo’s story. She said ‘she will discuss it with the drama’s writer and director.


The “swag!” expression, popularized by her and her friends on the drama, was re-enacted to us live during the press-conference. That earned a lot of shrieks and cheers from the lucky fans who are also on the venue.

Lee Sung-kyung talks about Kim Bok-joo and other things during her press-conference on Friday, July 26. Photo by Bryan Snow/HallyuLife/AMG

Modelling, acting and other thoughts

As she is a model before she got into acting, she shared her thoughts about being an actress and her dream roles. While she said that almost everything is new to her, there is no specific role yet that she wants to do, perhaps she was just enjoying acting at all.

She also thanked her first drama stint ‘It’s Ok, That’s Love’, as that brought her the chance to work with senior actors who inspired her to pursue a career on acting.

We all know that Lee Sung-kyung is very gifted and talented, that’s why the next question that was thrown to her is that if she ever thought of becoming an idol – she shyfully said ‘No, not at all‘.

Lee Sung-kyung flashes a finger heart to her fans during her press-conference on Friday, July 26. Photo by Bryan Snow/HallyuLife/AMG

Finally, when she was asked about visiting Manila, she said that she was really excited upon coming here, and she is really glad to meet her Filipino fans. And realizing that love for the Philippines, returning here is already a part of her bucket list, along with living abroad for a month and having great dramas.

To end the press-conference, she graced the stage by singing “From Now On”, an OST of her drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo as a treat to all who are inside the theater.

Kim Bok-joo, I mean Lee Sung-kyung was in Manila for her ‘Be Joyful’ fan-meeting in Manila the following day, July 27. HallyuLife was also there to witness the event, and our #ShowRewind feature is coming out soon!

HallyuLife would like to thank CDM Entertainment for inviting us to cover Lee Sung-kyung’s press-conference and fan-meeting.



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