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MLD Entertainment to take legal action against malicious comments to Momoland members

The members of MOMOLAND are suffering from social media harassment and malicious comments

MLD Entertainment, Momoland‘s agency, announced on January 23 that they are taking legal action against malicious commenters with regards to social media harassment to Momoland members.

After the members of the girl group opened their individual social media accounts (Instagram in particular), they are suffering harrasment in many forms, including sexual, verbal and inappropriate remarks.

On a statement, the agency stated that the members are already complaining of emotional damage, and that it is hard for them already to condone any longer, since their artists and their families are already suffering from serious damage.

The agency also requested that people should be more considerate and that they are already gathering relevant comments and posts in order to take possible legal actions.

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Here’s MLD Entertainment’s full statement:


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