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Mnet admits it’s their fault that IZ*ONE and X1 can’t promote

Also reveals that they’re preparing for the worst

Korean music channel Mnet, which is owned by parent company CJ ENM, announced that they will unveil the future plans of Produce-born groups IZ*ONE and X1, who weren’t able to promote further after the news of ‘vote manipulation’ broke out earlier in November.

In a statement released today (December 3), Mnet said:

“We sincerely apologize to the viewers, fans, trainees and affiliates for causing the controversy over our program. We are cooperating sincerely with the investigation, and we will take strict internal actions depending on the outcome. ”

– Mnet

Mnet also promised that they will announce compensation plans, renewal measures and future plans for IZ*ONE and X1, after consulting relevant parties.

They also asked the press to be careful not to cause further damage to artists and their trainees.


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