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Moonbin & Sanha gave fans a heartwarming night in their DIFFUSION in Manila Fan Con | #ShowRewind

It’s a night full of unforgettable memories to remember with Moonbin & Sanha!

ASTRO's MOONBIN and SANHA during their DIFFUSION FAN CON in Manila last March 25, 2023 at the New Frontier Theater in Quezon City. HALLYULIFE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines – ASTRO’s Moonbin & Sanha finally returned to the Philippines for their 2023 MOONBIN & SANHA (ASTRO) FAN CON [DIFFUSION] IN MANILA last March 25, 2023, at the New Frontier Theater.

It is almost seven years after ASTRO’s last visit to Manila and many things happened since their visit. You may remember they visited Manila last 2016 for MBC Show Champion’s 200th episode. They even did the famous ‘PAK GANERN’ at that time.

FINALLY! Two ASTRO members came back to the Philippines for their 2023 MOONBIN & SANHA (ASTRO) FAN CON [DIFFUSION] IN MANILA last March 25, 2023, at the New Frontier Theater!

Moonbin & Sanha graces the stage as they sing their first song of the night ‘WHO’ followed by ‘BAD IDEA.’

After their overflowing cool performance they greeted their Filo AROHAs and Moonbin even said that they missed their Filo AROHAs! They talked about it was (about) seven years since their last visit to Manila and they’re happy that their Filo AROHAs waited for them.

They grace the stage again as they perform ‘DIA.’ A few moments after their third song, maknae Sanha sings the intro of ‘Distance.’

“Filo Arohas, I think it’s the first time I play the guitar here. Actually, I’m nervous right now but thinking that we are interacting right now, I’m excited. Do you know the song Wish? I hope you can sing along.” Sanha talked after he sings Distance but unfortunately his guitar wasn’t working so he proceeded to do an instrumental as he sings ‘WISH.’ Sanha’s voice melted the hearts of the AROHAs.

A few moments later, Moonbin fires up the stage as he performs ‘Perfumer.’ Mind you, a lot of AROHAs felt the burning performance of Moonbin.

After Moonbin’s performance the duo rested a bit and then, Sam Oh, the host of the show, happily said that the Manila shop is the FIRST stop of Moonbin & Sanha after their Seoul fan con.


As soon as their first few performances were done, Moonbin & Sanha sat down together with the host, Sam Oh, and even said a few Tagalog words! Moonbin & Sanha happily said ‘Ang Init,’ ‘Charot,’ and ‘Mahal ko kayo’ and their Filo AROHAs loved it!


In the first segment of the night titled there will be a question from the host and they need to answer the questions.

When asked about their memory in the Philippines, Moonbin happily said that the welcome that their Filo AROHAs did before when ASTRO come to the Philippines is no different when they welcome him and Sanha, it’s still the same energy as their Filo AROHAs welcomed them dearly.

Sanha then said that he’s excited about the different countries they’ll go to for their tour as a sub-unit. Moonbin added that they were nervous as the Philippines is the first stop of their sub-unit tour but the AROHAs’ cheers and gave them strength for their tour.

Sam Oh asked them if there was a place in the Philippines that they want to visit, Sanha said he want to go to Cebu and Palawan as someone recommended it to him, while Moonbin expressed how he knew that the Philippines is known for beautiful places and he mentioned he wants to go to Boracay.

Sanha shared how he changed his phone to Galaxy when asked about the gift that they recently give to themselves.

Both of them also shared their TMI, Sanha said that their hotel room is white and he didn’t get a lot of sleep. For Moonbin, he said that in Korea the weather there is not yet hot so he wears pants but in the Philippines so he wears shorts!

And also, not to mention, Moonbin & Sanha danced to the famous Tiktok dance ‘Ting Ting Tang Tang!’

In the second segment, they need to draw something, and the latter need to guess what the former was drawing in which both of them tried their best to guess the drawing so they did a punishment. Moonbin & Sanha dance to NewJeans’ OMG!

Third and last segment, they need to guess the music in the music mixes. During the first mix, they successfully guesses Fighting by BSS, Crazy Sexy, Cool by ASTRO but didn’t guess Ghost Town! So because of that as a punishment (which doesn’t feel like a punishment at all) they danced to BSS’ Fighting!

The second mix is hard because they need to guess four songs! They managed to guess a few songs but didn’t get to answer all even though they asked help from the AROHAs so they danced to BLACKPINK’s PINK VENOM!

After their segments, Moonbin & Sanha fires up the stage again as they perform their songs ‘Madness,’ ‘Chup Chup,’ ‘Alone,’ ‘Dream Catcher,’ ‘All I Wanna Do,’ and ‘Your Day’ which is their last song.


“It’s such a shame that we didn’t get to come back here for seven years but I’m so happy and glad that I got to come back here. We got this fancon (fan meeting, concert) because of your love. Mahal ko kayo!” -Sanha


“If we get a chance in the future, we will make sure to come back. ‘Til that day we hope everyone remains healthy. Mahal kita.” – Moonbin



The Filo AROHAs prepared a VCR for Moonbin & Sanha which showed their heartfelt message to both of them. At the end of the VCR, their Filo AROHAs sing ‘Dream Catcher’ and the towards the mid part of the song, Moonbin & Sanha joined them in singing!

The fans expressed that they don’t want Moonbin & Sanha to go and hence shouted “walang uuwi.” Moonbin even joined the fans in saying “walang uuwi” and laughed after he knew the meaning of it and said AROHAs parents are worried so they AROHAs should go home.

During the fan con, Sanha and Moonbin expressed how they want to come back to the Philippines quickly again and hoped their Filo AROHAs to stay healthy. Moonbin & Sanha are grateful for the unforgettable memory that their Filo AROHAs gave them during their Manila fan con.

This fan con showed the sub-unit’s charisma and coolness and even created more heartfelt memories with their AROHAs after (almost) seven years since their last visit to Manila. –

2023 MOONBIN & SANHA FAN CON TOUR [DIFFUSION] IN MANILA is presented by DNM Entertainment and In2une Entertainment. We would like to thank them for letting HallyuLife be a part of this show.



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