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NCT 127’s “THE UNITY” concert unites fans’ hearts under one beat, thanks PH Czennies for the “wonderful memories under the moonlight”

This marks NCT 127’s first outdoor stadium concert for their tour.

K-pop male group NCT 127 on their "THE UNITY" solo concert in Bulacan, held at the Philippine Sports Stadium in Bulacan, Philippines on January 21, 2024. HALLYULIFE PHOTO

We really love you, Philippines. So we really want to meet you often. Until we meet again, until then, be happy.

That is what NCT 127’s leader Taeyong said to their Philippine Czennies (collective name for NCT fans) during their 3rd concert tour “NEO CITY: THE UNITY” at the Philippine Sports Stadium in Bulacan on Sunday, January 21, 2024. The concert passed by quickly, like a “timelapse” full of beautiful memories, and it was the first outdoor stadium concert of the tour after successful stops in Seoul, Nagoya, and Jakarta.

Marking their third visit to the country, the NCT sub-unit group delivered show-stopping performances under the bright moonlight, making everyone’s night genuinely memorable. And this is how we all entered the ‘NEO CITY’ with NCT 127.

Just before the two-hour concert began, fans went to the NCTzen fanhub near the stadium to interact with other fans, get some freebies, and sing along with the tracks of NCT 127. As soon as the final hour before the show begins, a vast green ocean of Czennies appeared, and you can feel the excitement among fans with NCT 127’s return to the Philippine stage.

As NCTzens united, we witnessed the fans light up the entire stadium with NCT 127 members Taeyong, Johnny, Jaehyun, Doyoung, Haechan, Mark, and Yuta kicking off the night with back-to-back stage performances of “Punch”, “Superhuman”, and “Ay-yo”. The members ensured that Taeil’s presence was felt despite his absence due to health concerns because the full moon illuminated the sky.

@hallyulifeamg NCT 127 performing one of their hit tracks “Superhuman” during their “NEO CITY: THE UNITY” concert at the Philippine Sports Stadium in Bulacan lasts Sunday, January 21, 2024. This also marks their first outdoor stadium concert for their tour. Presented by @DNM Entertainment #NCT127 #NEOCITY #NEOCITY_THE_UNITY #NCT127_NEOCITY_THE_UNITY #NEOCITY_THE_UNITY_in_BULACAN ♬ original sound – HallyuLife

The members in all-white clothes took the stage to sing “Crash Landing,” but everyone got to watch them up close from various angles as they showed their handsome charisma by performing “Space,” “Time Lapse,” “Skyscraper”, “DJ”, “Yacht”, and “Je ne sais quoi”. The Czennies will undoubtedly agree that the whole set adds a new dimension to the concert because of the way the songs are arranged, which matches the mood of the green crowd that night.

To the world, 여긴 NCT! Hi, we are NCT 127!

Once we all heard that signature greeting from the handsome members, everyone screamed at the top of their lungs, especially when they introduced themselves one by one. “We got the moon out there, we got the stars (the Czennies) out here. Let’s have a great time tonight okay?” That’s how Johnny began the individual introductions with the “rizz” for the incredible crowd that evening. Haechan repeatedly asked the audience if the Philippine Czennies missed them, and the crowd responded with a loud “YES!”

Even though the show had just started, Mark thanked the crowd for showing up at the stadium and felt incredible to perform once again in the country.

Jaehyun shared, “We rehearsed this morning. The sky was amazing, but the nighttime with you, guys, is even better“. NCT 127’s leader Taeyong tells everyone, “Magandang gabi! It’s been a long time, right? We really, really, missed you, guys, Philippines, really, really. We finally made it, right?” and it was all worth it for PH Czennies who patiently waited for your grand return. “Let’s keep this energy up until the end!“, NCT 127’s amazing dancer Yuta added. Jungwoo shouted with joy, “Kumusta kayo?” and Doyoung ended the individual introduction with “Hello Philippines, I miss you guys so much. I saw the banner flying today, and I was touched. Let’s enjoy tonight!

The banner he was talking about was the flying banner prepared by PH DOPPU which he shared on his IG story. To ensure everyone’s safety throughout the show, the members made sure that the crowd had their safe spaces, especially in the standing area, which by the way appreciated by the crowd.

NCT 127 Doyoung’s (@do0_nct) Instagram account

The party continues with back-to-back powerful performances of “Fire Truck,” “Sit Down!”, “Chain,” and “Cherry Bomb,” which brought the audience together in singing and dancing. NCT 127 members said at the second talk session “You guys are energetic!

Johnny mentioned that the members looked forward to seeing the PH Czennies again and seeing them in this stadium along with the beautiful weather. Mark even told everyone that their Bulacan stop on the tour marked their first outdoor stadium concert, which made the night remarkable for the members and the fans.

NCT 127 serenades the PH Czennies with their charming voices singing “Gold Dust”, “Fly Away with Me”, “White Lie”, and “Love is a Beauty” in their handsome black and shiny outfits that shines bright along with the waves of Neobongs (the group’s lightstick). Things went on smoothly as the boys sang these songs live, giving us an intimate moment with them.

The stadium goes wild as the members of NCT 127 return on stage with spontaneous performances of their hit tracks “Simon Says”, “Tasty”, “Favorite (Vampire)”, and “2 Baddies”. The legendary “Puku puku pow powis still real, as NCT 127 performed “Kick It” at the Philippine Sports Stadium, and the crowd was thrilled to see them perform it again on stage.

Just before the encore stage, the group got the PH Czennies jumping with “Fact Check,” which was played as a pre-concert hype song. What kept the fire going at the stadium was not only their scorching performances but also a few of them showing off their hot bodies, which made the fans scream out loud.

As the “NEO CITY: THE UNITY” concert comes to a close, NCT 127 members spoke with the PH Czennies about their thoughts, heart-warming messages, and a special mention to their eldest member Moon Tae-il, representing the moon shining bright. Johnny said:

Philippine Czennies! Thank you for being there for us. You guys were here for us. Thank you for coming out to see us. We lvoe you very much.Thank you for sharing this wonderful moment with us, under this beautiful moon. Moon Tae-il, we miss you too. Thank you, Philippines! We’ll be back! Remember, NCT 127 will always, ALWAYS, be there for you!

Haechan promised that they would return with better performances and said, “Philippines, I LOVE YOU!”Mark added, “Thank you from the very furthest seat to the closest seat. It was such a beautiful, beautiful night tonight. The next time we’re here, I think we should have at least two days of the show!” Jaehyun calling out the first floor, second floor, and everyone at the stadium saying, “It felt more emotional (performing) outdoors. Because of you guys, we felt so touched tonight… I’ll always be right here doing my best. I hope you all be there for me. Thank you!

For Taeyong, PH Czennies has a lot of energy, and it makes him happy. He added:

We really love you Philippines! Be happy, be safe, drink a lot, you know what I mean? Hey Philippines, would you be there for me? Thank you very much and see you soon!

Yuta revealed that his body condition was not great, but thanks to the PH Czennies’ loud applause and energy, he was able to perform well throughout the concert. Doyoung expressed his gratitude that he will be taking unforgettable memories back home and will undoubtedly bring those energies to their next performances in their upcoming city stops. Last but not least, Jungwoo’s message with a promise to return to the Philippines with the members saying, “Thank you for supporting us.

NCT 127 had a group photo in front of their PH Czennies and what makes it more special is their group selfie posted on their SNS accounts.

Their 3rd Tour “NEO CITY: THE UNITY” in Bulacan ended with encore performances of “Angel Eyes”, “Be There For Me”, and “Promise You”, a song that made their promise of return a reality.

NCT 127 truly gave us a wonderful night to remember as Taeyong, Johnny, Jaehyun, Doyoung, Haechan, Mark, and Yuta (including Taeil) united with the Philippine Czennies once again, celebrated the music that linked us all together and created wonderful memories under the bright moonlight.

NCT 127 3rd Tour “NEO CITY: THE UNITY” in Bulacan Setlist:

Crash Landing
Time Lapse
Je ne sais quoi
Fire Truck
Sit Down!
Cherry Bomb
Gold Dust
Fly Away With Me
White Lie
Love Is a Beauty
Simon Says
Favorite (Vampire)
Kick It
2 Baddies
Fact Check
Angel Eyes
Be There for Me
Promise You

NCT 127 3RD TOUR ‘NEO CITY: BULACAN – THE UNITY’ is made possible by SM Entertainment, Dream Maker Entertainment, IN2UNE Entertainment, and DNM Entertainment.


Check out our photos from the event here: NCT 127 @ “THE UNITY” in Bulacan (HQ PHOTOS) [20240121]



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