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Pledis Entertainment denies rumors that they are signing fromis_9

They stated that it was all groundless rumors.

Pledis Entertainment denies rumors that the Idol School-born girl group fromis_9 will be signed into the label from its current agency Off The Record Entertainment, which is a sub-label of CJ ENM.

A Pledis rep told media outlets, “The rumors that Off The Record will be transferring over fromis_9’s exclusive contract over to us are completely false. Such a discussion has never been exchanged between Pledis and Off The Record, and the reports are entirely untrue.”

Earlier today, a Korean media reported that fromis_9 have signed an exclusive contract with Pledis Entertainment, saying that Off The Record handed off management to the label.

Fromis_9 debuted in 2018 and previously returned with ‘FUN’ in June.


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