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PLOT TWIST: BLACKPINK in Manila was a great show and was beyond expectations

Filipinos once again proved that they’re the best K-Pop crowd ever

While BLACKPINK‘s arrival in Manila has been scrutinized as one of the worst welcoming a K-Pop group could receive from Filipino fans, the show was apparently one of the best ones that we’ve ever witnessed from a K-Pop act that performed here in the country, despite the show running for only around two hours.

Photo credit: Yang Hyun Suk/@fromyg

From the opening number until the end, all we can hear is wonderful shouts and fan chants from BLINKs who successfully managed to secure a seat on the sold out concert. It was the best night ever for them, perhaps.

Local celebrities also flocked in to see the phenomenal K-Pop girl group, ranging from names such as Anne Curtis, Liza Soberano, Sue Ramirez, ‘MayWard’, Ryan Bang, Bimby and many more, filling up some of the VIP section.

The introductory number was a splendid dance performance of Ddu-du-ddu-du, followed by a move that won over Filipino hearts with the members introducing themselves in Tagalog, which we find irresistibly adorable.

Most of the songs were played with a live band, giving a different, real-concert vibe that gives more hype to the fans. It was a night of celebration for BLINKs, indeed, and we’re glad to see that even though they paid a lot for the concert tickets (to be honest, we do consider them pricey than any other), they enjoyed the first-ever concert of the group in Manila.

BLACKPINK was overwhelmed with the support that they have received from its Filipino fans, with Jennie crying at some point during her performance because of the melancholic chants she received – the same with the other members. The crowd knows best, that’s why Filipinos once again were recognized as the best fans, despite what happened during their arrival at Manila airport the night before their concert.

Photo credit: Yang Hyun Suk/@fromyg

And despite them having a few songs, their performances and covers, such as Jisoo’s rendition of Zedd’s ‘Clarity’, Lisa’s solo performance and dance number which all hyped Lisa stans all over the arena, Rosé’s soulful rendition of Let It Be and of course, Jennie’s performance of her own single ‘SOLO’, have quenched the fans’ thirst for BLACKPINK’s performance all over the concert’s run time of two hours.

Photo credit: Yang Hyun Suk/@fromyg

It’s not just about performances, though. BLACKPINK’s In Your Area is also about the heartwarming interactions with their audience. The whole arena celebrated Rosé’s birthday, with the whole arena singing to Happy Birthday at one point which gave us the absolute goosebumps and awe.

Photo credit: Globe Telecom (Facebook)

There’s also the pink ocean that shows the unity and perhaps the fact that the BLINKs would do everything to make the day with their idols much special than any other.

Photo credit: Yang Hyun Suk/@fromyg

In our humble opinion, BLACKPINK’s heart towards their fans were really warm which do reflect how they interacted with their fans on their concert. They indeed treated them well, and all the disappointments have gone away right after the show has started. The others who gathered outside MOA arena, even though they didn’t stand a chance to see the girl group performing after all, we’re still in spirit and shouting whenever they’ll saw the video on the large LCD screen up the MOA arena facade.

Photo credit: Yang Hyun Suk/@fromyg

And since they promised that they’re going back (this is our favorite part), we’ll definitely wait and be excited for the second time around!

Photo credit: Globe Telecom (Facebook)

Bryan Snow & Eljay Reyes contributed to this article



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