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#ProudOfYouMina trends worldwide as Mina performs Feel Special with TWICE for the first time

She surprised everyone in Fukuoka when she joined TWICE on performing the song on stage!

TWICE’s Mina surprised everyone on their TWICELIGHTS in Japan tour at Marine Messe Fukuoka on February 11th, as she joined performing the group on-stage with their latest Korean title track ‘Feel Special’, after being in hiatus for almost seven months due to severe anxiety.

TWICE posted on its social media the videos where Mina is performing with the group on-stage.

According to spectators, TWICE were seemingly happy on that night as Mina is back with the group on stage, and they hug her randomly the entire night.

Mina’s return to the stage was interpreted by fans as a good sign of her recovery progress. Expressing support and happiness, fans have trended #ProudOfYouMina on Twitter, reaching the #1 spot worldwide. TWICE also posted a group photo after the concert.


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