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Rewind: 6 Highlights From 2019 Melon Music Awards

Six highlights from the approximately 240-minute show.

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — The annual Melon Music Awards was back for its 11th instalment.

Held last Saturday (30 Nov) at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, the ceremony featured a star-studded line-up.

Here, we brings you six highlights from the approximately 240-minute show.


We first see the band’s rapper RM on stage for a rap track, “Intro: Persona” (2019).

The boys are well-known for their chart-toppers like “Boy With Luv” (2019) and “Fire” (2016). But they decided to kick off the group performance with one of their earlier tracks, “Boy In Luv” (2014).

Tell us this is not the intro stage of their concert. They did a remix of Dionysus (2019) with real foals on stage to end of their stage.

The group has also four Daesangs under their belt: Song, Album, Artist and Record of the Year. Let’s say that impressive is an understatement.


“As I began to love myself, I realised all my pains, and emotional sufferings, came from trying to be someone else,” was the narration behind the video played before their stage.

With their concept of True Me, they egg on youths of today to be fearless, and to express themselves.

Right off the bat, the quintet kicked off their act with the powerful brass of their intro, “Want It” (2019). Following a drumline solo from the band, ITZY launched into the title song, “Dalla Dalla” (2019) from their debut EP.


Dressed in a stunning white outfit, Hwasa started off the performance with her hit solo single, “Twit” (2019).

Talk about their group performance. They forgone their usual choreography to performing in 4 individual boxes, before coming together to perform as a group.


A performance that started off with a haunting, cult like opening. With use of pyrotechnics, she made her appearance in a sleek, black gown.

She started strong with a track that earned her first win, “Gotta Go” (2018). Coupled with powerful vocals, she showcased her sharp dance moves.


Heize brought about a calming vibe to the concert, showcasing Heize’s wide vocal range and beautiful timbre.

She also collaborated with rapper GIRIBOY for “We Don’t Talk Together” (2019). Her stage painted a full story, bringing a visual representation to her song.

Former Unpretty Rapstar contestant definitely brought a K-Hip Hop stage to the show.

Kang Daniel

Member of now-defunct Wanna One, Kang Daniel, stepped onto the stage as a soloist.

Despite only having debuted as a soloist early this year, he showcased amazing stage presence. First up was “What are you up to” (2019), the title number of his widely successful debut album.

He took a mature turn for “Touchin” (2019). Showcasing both sides of his personality, he proved himself as a soloist capable of taking the stage by storm.

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