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Se So Neon’s electrifying debut in Manila send fans into a night of rock and roll bliss, promises to go back to the Philippines

Filipino fans made Se So Neon wanna “go back” with their loud cheers!

Se So Neon during their 2023 World Tour at the Filinvest Tent in Alabang, Muntinlupa, Philippines last November 18, 2023. HALLYULIFE PHOTO

“Your energy is so good!”

That’s how Se So Neon members So-Yoon and Hyunjin describe the energy of their Filipino fans as they made their Manila stage debut with their 2023 world tour last November 18 at the Filinvest Tent in Alabang — and here’s how it went that night.


Before their city stop in Manila, they already performed in North America, the UK/EU, as well as Asian cities such as Jakarta, Seoul, Hong Kong, Taipei, and Bangkok. Their next city stops after Manila are Osaka, Tokyo, Melbourne, and Sydney.

Around 8:30 PM (Philippine Time), Se So Neon rocked the venue with their 2021 hit single “joke!”, followed by “E”, “Stranger”, and “go back”. So-Yoon shared that she has never been to the Philippines before but knowing that the fans are amazing at the start of their set, she promised that everyone will have a great time.


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Se So Neon also performed “NAN CHUN” “Gurumi”, “Dong”, “Ung”, and “Summer Plumage” back-to-back. After the second part of the set, Se So Neon introduced themselves individually, and everyone cheered for them. We can’t contain our happiness every time we see them smile as they perform on stage (knowing that it’s their first time) in Manila.


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The South Korean indie rock band continued their set with “3 Revolution”, “Athena (So!YoON! cover)”, “The Wave”, and their latest single “Kidd” where the crowd sang their hearts out. So-Yoon cannot believe that she heard loud cheers while performing for the first time in Manila. She said, “Your energy guys are so good!” Hyunjin added, “You are all so good tonight.”

Se So Neon ended their first world tour concert in Manila with “NOW”, “Midnight Train”, “Jayu”, and an encore performance of their hit track “A Long Dream”. They expressed their gratitude for the Filipino fans’ warm welcome and loud cheers all throughout the night. They’re hoping to go back to the Philippines to perform once again on stage.

It is indeed a rare opportunity to witness South Korean bands such as Se So Neon perform in Manila. The two-hour set took us to a whole new level of seeing the world through their music. Now, every time we listen to Se So Neon’s tracks, we will remember the good times we shared from that night of rock and roll bliss.

Here is the setlist for Se So Neon’s 2023 World Tour in Manila:

  1. joke!
  2. 이 (E)
  3. 이방인 (Stranger)
  4. 집에 (Go Back)
  5. 亂春 (난춘) (NAN CHUN)
  6. 구르미 (Gurumi)
  7. 덩 (Dong)
  8. 엉 (Ung)
  9. 여름깃 (Summer Plumage)
  10. 3 Revolution [Unreleased]
  11. Athena
  12. 파도 (The Wave)
  13. Kidd
  14. NOW [Unreleased]
  15. 심야행 (Midnight Train)
  16. 자유 (自由) (Jayu)
  17. 긴 꿈 (A Long Dream)
  18. 눈 (Winter)

Se So Neon’s 2023 World Tour in Manila is presented by Karpos Live. We would like to thank them for letting us be a part of this show.



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