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Super Show 8 in Manila proves how timeless Super Junior is | #ShowRewind

Truly one of the legends.

EIGHT MEMBERS, ONE SUPER SHOW – One of Korea’s legendary K-Pop groups, Super Junior, once again returned to Manila this year for another Super Show.

In this #ShowRewind feature, we’ll remind you why they are one of the long-standing groups out there, and how they got the last show of their world tour this year memorable for their Philippine ELFs.

And despite still lacking some members, PH ELFs also ensured that they weren’t forgotten well, sending warm cheers and messages to Heechul, and even Sungmin. Heechul wasn’t able to join the tour due to his worsening leg injury.


If there’s a word that we’ll use to describe the feeling, exhilarating is perhaps the right word.

From seeing the ‘sapphire blue ocean’ lights emitted by ELF’s lightsticks and penlights, to the stage shaped as the number 8 or the infinite symbol, to the deafening crowd chants and screams, making the audience further hyped, the songs ‘Song For You’ and the iconic ‘Superman’ intro resonated into the 10,000+ crowd at the Mall of Asia arena in Sunday, December 15.

Heating up the stage

Super Junior then entered the stage with an awesome entrance with their song “The Crown”. With lots of fiery props and visual effects, their grandeous entrance resembled no other.

The group then continued to heat the stage up by performing “A Man In Love”, as well as “Bonamana”, where some members showed their toned bodies slightly, further heating up the atmosphere and surprising the audience, mostly comprised of female fans. They also performed “Blue World”, where the arena lights are dancing in sync.

Taking a break from their hot stage performances, Super Junior then took to stage to greet their Filipino ELFs, with Leeteuk first by asking “Are you okay?”, with the answer being a loud YES. He later said that they are officially starting the Super Show and that 15 years have passed with their ELFs already.

Ryeowook then said that it’s been around 4-5 years since he last came to Manila for a show, and asked if Filipino ELFs had missed him.

Donghae then followed by saying it’s been a while since he saw their Filipino fans, and jokingly said that he prepared a present and that the fans should better watch out, then playfully sang “Donghae is coming to town” as Dongclaus, changing the lyrics from Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

Yesung and Siwon also greeted the fans, with the latter being teased by the members because of his beard, even going by saying that he’s Super Junior’s own Santa Claus, and not Donghae. Siwon also said his beard growth shows how much he love their fans, and thanked them for coming to their show.

Shindong then greeted the fans, and did the mandatory scream challenge to hear how loud could their chants possibly be. Kyuhyun, on the other hand, said “Kamusta po kayo?”, and saying that the concert day is meaningful as they are meeting with their ELFs and everyone should have a great time, while struggling to say it in English.

Eunhyuk then went on to say that it is their last Super Show for the year 2019, and said that he wants to make his happiest memory of the year on that night. Ryeowook, Siwon and Eunhyuk then battled themselves out for the highest pitched voice as they belt out chops from Frozen 2’s OST.


Super Junior performs on stage. HALLYULIFE PHOTO

After the first ment, Super Junior played a short VCR for the audience, then appeared on stage with red suits, taking over the center extended stage with the performances of “Heads Up”, “I Think I”, “Sexy, Free and Single”, as well as “Mr. Simple”, where the members went all over the stage, hi-fiving some audience on the process. They also performed “Opera”.

Super Junior then paused for a while and played another VCR with the members being asked about what is love, and how will they define it.

The group then reappeared on stage to continue their spree of performances as balladeers with the song “Love Disease”, as well as relaxing songs such as “She’s Gone”, “My All Is In You”, “Believe”, “Somebody New” and “No Other”.

Among the audience was Shindong’s mom, who was acknowledged by the members and is coming to Manila for the first time, despite the group having multiple shows over the years.

Comical stages

Super Junior returns the audience to the old-school era where the group raps in a witty video, with some uttering bars that are purely humorous and non-sense. No harm intended, just pure comedy and love.

After the hilarious rap bars, Super Junior then went out once again performing old hits “Rokkugo” and “Hair Spray”, followed by performances from Super Junior’s sub-units K.R.Y (Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung), D&E (Donghae & Eunhyuk) and Shindong with their funny performance of “Devil” and “ELF Song”.

The group then returned in full on stage to perform the songs “Happiness”, “Shirt” and “Super Clap”, as well as their iconic songs “MAMACITA”, “Black Suit”, “Sorry Sorry – Answer” and of course, “Sorry Sorry”.

Encore with surprises

Most concerts do have encore stages like it’s a tradition already, and Super Junior also had theirs by performing the songs “Show” and “Too Many Beautiful Girls”.

The members then thanked all their fans for spending the night on their show, and hoped that all of them had a great time. Leeteuk then took over and said his closing remarks, saying that he noticed that the buildings are getting taller every time they visit Philippines, as well as hoping that the love of their Filipino ELFs grow stronger over time.

Leeteuk then proceeded on announcing a surprise that they are preparing for a new album already and that they will return very soon for Super Show 9, even asking if they should make their next show in Manila two-days.

The group’s maknae Kyuhyun then asked fans: “Mahal nyo ba ako?”

Super Junior then ended the show by taking a photo with fans to save their memory for the last Super Show of 2019.

For ELFs of all ages, Super Show 8 indeed is a remarkable one. With all members now out of the mandatory Korean military service, chances are next year we’ll see them all on one stage. I’ve been an ELF for quite some time now, and for sure, the past 15 years of existence in the K-Pop industry surely has something to do with how legendary Super Junior can be. Truly they’re a timeless piece of work.

Super Show 8 – Infinite Time in Manila is presented by SM Entertainment, Label SJ, Dream Maker Entertainment, and promoted by PULP Live World.

We would like to extend our gratitude to PULP Live World for inviting us to cover this event.

Check out our photos from the concert here:

SUPER JUNIOR @ Super Show 8: Infinite Time Concert in Manila (HQ PHOTOS) [20191215]



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