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THE SUPER STAGE BY K-POP: What you need to know?

Featuring an all-female ensemble of K-pop groups, the super stage happening this August will have MAMAMOO+, Kep1er and Lapillus on the lineup!

THE SUPER STAGE BY K-POP: What you need to know?

This August 11, three K-pop girl groups will be heading to Manila at the Mall of Asia Arena for “THE SUPER STAGE by K-POP in Manila” – and they are the groups MAMAMOO+, Kep1er, and Lapillus.

MAMAMOO+ members Solar and Moonbyul. OFFICIAL PHOTO

MAMAMOO+ is the first sub-unit of the girl group MAMAMOO, composed of MAMAMOO’s leader and vocalist Solar, and rapper Moonbyul. In 2022, the duo released their debut single “Better” featuring South Korean rapper Big Naughty. In March this year, MAMAMOO+ made their comeback with their first single album “Act 1, Scene 1” with the title track “GGBB”. The single album surpassed 100,000 copies sold on Circle Chart. Moomoos will be sure not to miss the sub-unit’s first-ever performance in the country!

K-pop girl group Kep1er. OFFICIAL PHOTO

Kep1er, on the other hand, is a nine-member multinational K-pop girl group born out of Mnet’s reality show “Girls Planet 999”. The group made their debut on January 3, 2022 with their first mini album, First Impact. The lead single “WA DA DA” debuted at #84 on the Billboard Hot 100 on the week of its release. Their name combines ‘Kep’, which means catching dreams, and the number 1, which means the nine girls coming together as one to be the best. It is also a reference to the planet ‘Kepler’, named by the German astronomer Johannes Kepler. They will be active for roughly two and a half years on a special contract before it ends sometime in June 2024.

K-pop girl group Lapillus. OFFICIAL PHOTO

Lapillus, a six-member multinational K-pop girl group, will be also making their Manila return this August! Composed of Filipino-Argentinian member Chanty, Japanese member Shana, Chinese-American member Yue, and Korean members Bessie, Seowon, and Haeun. The K-pop group undoubtedly has good ties with the Philippines after being appointed as ambassadors of the province of Ilocos Sur. In September of the previous year, the group released its first mini album titled “GIRL’s ROUND Part. 1” with 5 tracks dabbling in the pop and dance genres.

Ticket prices, seat plans, and availability

Tickets for the SUPER STAGE by K-POP in Manila are available starting 11 AM of June 3, 2023 via SM Tickets Outlets nationwide or thru Show day will be on August 11, 2023, 7PM at the Mall of Asia Arena.

TICKET PRICES (Ticketing charges excluded and will apply, all prices are in PHP/Philippine pesos)

  • VIP STANDING – P11,800
  • VIP SEATED – P10,500
  • LOWER BOX – P9,000
  • UPPER BOX A – P7,000
  • UPPER BOX B – P5,500
  • GEN AD A – P3,250
  • GEN AD B – P2,750

Stay tuned for updates! #TheSuperStageByKpopInManila

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