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TWICE Chaeyoung sends message to Nayeon’s infamous stalker after posting her mobile number publicly

She shared how anxious and upset she is due to the matter.

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung had mustered the courage to speak up against the infamous foreign stalker of co-member Nayeon, also known as ‘Josh’, after the stalker posted her private mobile number on Twitter.

Josh’s tweet with Chaeyoung’s number (redacted) which was deleted due to violation of policies with regards to leaking private information.

After being fed up with messages and phone calls, Chaeyoung shared thru the official TWICE account (@twicetagram) on January 26 that she is going through needless hardships, affecting her as well as fellow TWICE members and other idols on their company.

Here’s Chaeyoung’s post on Instagram:

I think there’s a limit to waiting without saying anything, hoping for someone to stand.

When the 11 numbers that may not be significant were posted on the Internet by someone with no consideration and respect, my phone was flooded with all kinds of phone calls and text messages and I’m going through needless hardships. These problems not only affect me but also our members and even other idols in our company.

I ask that you please think at least a little about just how many people are exhausted, anxious and having a hard time because of your thoughtless actions and your contacting that you merely package as interest and love.

And also, do not cause insult to our fans who give us healthy and proper support and love with your disguise.

I’m not the type to be easily shaken and I’m not writing this because I can’t control my anger. I just strictly want you to know your faults. These actions are shameful.”

(translation: misayeon/Twitter)

JYP Entertainment also released a statement, saying that they are collecting evidences that can be used to file a complaint against the stalker with the basis of a violation of the Personal Information Protection Act, as well as saying that the illegal leaking and sharing of personal information is causing great suffering and discomfort to their artists.

Chaeyoung also reportedly changed her mobile number.



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