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TWICE releases concept photo for their June comeback

TWICE effortlessly shows off their flower-like visuals with the group’s concept photos and videos.

With their much-anticipated comeback waiting just months to happen, TWICE finally releases their first concept photo and video with a floral vibe.

[UPDATE] On May 22, TWICE drops their concept video for Jeongyeon.

On May 21, TWICE posted their concept video and photo for MOMO.

On May 20, TWICE posted their concept video and photo for MINA.

TWICE posted their track list for their album ‘More & More’.

On May 19, TWICE uploads concept video for Dahyun on May 19th, showcasing Dahyun’s unique blue-hair dye. Followed by her purple-dyed hair concept photo.

On May 18, TWICE posted the concept video and photo for Jihyo.

On May 17, TWICE posted the concept video and photo for Sana.

On May 16, TWICE posted the concept video and photo for Tzuyu.

On May 15, TWICE posted the concept photo and video for Chaeyoung.

On May 13, the first concept photo and video comes from Nayeon.

Following the installment of their very own YouTube Originals series, the group continues to wow their fans with their upcoming mini-album entitled ‘More ‘N More’.

JYP Entertainment already launched the preselling of the album three days ago, revealing that the album would come in three versions.

They are set to release their music video on July 1st, 6PM K.S.T.

A few days ago, the girls were spotted with brand new hair colors and styles, a trade mark of any KPOP group signifying their comeback, which made fans super excited.

Back in 2019 when one of the group’s members, Mina, had to take a temporary hiatus due to health concerns, the group has been seen performing with 8 members on stage. But now, they are back with all 9 members.

They released the complete version of their latest track ‘Feel Special’ on their YouTube channel.

Eljay Reyes and Kirk Patrick Calinao contributed to this article.



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