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TWICE talks about love in their latest comeback ‘Talk that Talk’

TWICE makes their comeback alongside other girl groups, making August a blessed month for KPOP fans.

August has been a good month for KPOP fans as some of the renowned girl groups come back with brand new music. TWICE in particular, just dropped their latest track, ‘Talk that Talk‘, which is part of their  11th mini album ‘Between 1&2‘.

Sporting the trendy Y2K fashion, the phenomenal girl group owned the style, which their incorporated in their music video. The song Talk that Talk speaks about them waiting for someone to confess their love.


Along with their main track, six other side tracks including ‘Queen of Hearts‘, ‘Basics‘, ‘Trouble‘, ‘Brave‘, ‘Gone‘, and  ‘When We Were Kids‘ fill in their album ‘Between 1&2‘, which correlates to the connection with their fans, ONCE and TWICE.

At the end of their music video, a QR code is displayed, and when scanned, it redirects to their official IG account @twicetagram, dating back to their first post when they debuted seven years ago. –




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