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TWICE unveils concept teaser for their upcoming second album comeback

They are scheduled to release their second full album on October 26th!

Fans are super hyped up as the nation’s girl group TWICE unveils the concept teasers for their upcoming second full album entitled ‘Eyes Wide Open’.

On midnight of October 12th, the group revealed Nayeon’s solo concept teaser, showing off her regal visuals. With Nayeon finally out, ONCEs are clamoring on whose concept teaser is up next.

On October 10th, the group released the album tracklist consisting of 13 songs, one of them, ‘Behind The Mask’ was co-composed by American singer Dua Lipa.

[UPDATE] On October 13th, Chaeyoung stans rejoiced as the baby tiger main rapper revealed her concept teaser, continuing with her short blonde hair that accentuated her soft yet fierce visuals.

[UPDATE] On October 14th, Tzuyu stuns everyone with her overflowing visuals on her solo concept concept teaser.

On October 15th, all eyes were on Sana’s solo concept teaser, with her sweet and hypnotizing visuals that will surely knock everyone out.

[UPDATE] On October 16th, Jihyo astounds everyone with her god-like visuals.

She was followed by Dahyun’s concept teaser on October 17th, with her purely sweet visuals.

On October 18th, Mina captivates everyone with her flower-like concept teaser.

They will release the album on October 26th 6PM KST and 5AM EST with their main track ‘I Can’t Stop Me’. –



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