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TWICE’s Mina is sparkling with ‘Feel Special’ teaser

And this makes every ONCE feel special!

JYP Entertainment just released a teaser video for ‘Feel Special’ featuring TWICE’s Mina.

This followed after the release of teaser videos for Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo and Jihyo for TWICE‘s upcoming 8th Mini Album on September 23.

This is the teaser video of TWICE’s MINA for ‘Feel Special’:

After previous reports about Mina having diagnosed with anxiety disorder, every ONCE are relieved and excited to see her again with this comeback. However, her participation on comeback promotion activities such as music show participation and fansign events is still uncertain, as JYP Entertainment remains firm that it will all depend on Mina’s condition and will base it solely on her and the other members’ discretion. –


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