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VICTON melted our hearts during their first fan meeting in Manila | #ShowRewind

A memorable and nostalgic night for VICTON and PH ALICEs

A quick note: I’m really happy to be the chosen writer for HallyuLife for VICTON’s first fan meeting in Manila because I’ve been an Alice since their debut and I must say, I’m really happy that I witnessed their first-ever fan meet in Manila since their debut in 2016.

It’s indeed a memorable night at VICTON’s “Voice to Alice” tour in Manila. Here’s why:

Performances that melt our hearts

Last December 21, the time has come for VICTON‘s “Voice to Alice” in Manila tour at the SM Skydome in North EDSA, which is the last stop for VICTON’s Asian fan meeting tour.

VICTON started their first performance with “What Time Is It?” and PH ALICEs (fandom name) screamed as loud as they can so that the boys can feel their unending cheers for the group from the very start of the show.

They also performed “Farewell” which made PH ALICEs feel very sentimental as it can be a heartfelt song, which means they are really worried and hoping that this someone is doing fine.

With their cover of “Gangsta” and “New World”, they changed their outfits to fit their stage and it’s indeed a sexy performance. The boys also made the fan meeting remarkable by singing their hit tracks “Time of Sorrow” and “Nostalgic Night”.

A short interview with the boys

VICTON mentioned during the interview with the host that they didn’t expect that they would win the first place for their song “Nostalgic Night”. They didn’t expect they would be on the chart also.

Congratulations on your first win, VICTON!

The group also mentioned that they are worried since it’s their first time in Manila. According to Chan, they didn’t expect that the energy would be that hot and if he would rate the energy of PH ALICES, it would be 100/100. Byungchan then added that they are happy because PH ALICES are so energetic.

When asked about the things they want to try in Manila, Chan mentioned that he wants to swim and go to Boracay, as the Philippines is well known for its tourist spots. Byungchan added that if they have time, they really want to go to Boracay.

VICTON’s secret album

In this segment, there were series of photos flashed on the screen, and the members need to explain what’s happening in that photo and why they took that photo.

Listen to Alice

In the next segment, there’s questions from ALICE and they need to answer it or read the message for them from PH ALICES.

Hanse was asked about his favorite English song and said “Thinking About You” then the fans asked if he could sing a sample of the song and he said “I like the song, but I can’t sing it.”

Sejun said he wants to have a concert in an another country if he’ll have a chance to visit it.

The members did aegyo also which is originally for Byungchan but as requested by the fans, the other members did the aegyo too!

Fun games

They played a game called “SILENT DANCE”, wherein ALICEs needs to guess the song while they are dancing.

The boys were split into two teams which are the Team Pabebe (Seungsik, Subin, Sejun) and Team Manila (Byungchan, Chan, Hanse).

Team Manila won the Silent Dance game because they got 10 points in 98 seconds, while Team Pabebe got 10 points in 99 seconds.

For the punishment, Team Pabebe needs to do sexy runaway but since the fans love it, Team Manila did the sexy runaway too.

Seungsik even said that Manila is the best fan meeting!


Of course, a fan meet will not end if there’s no encore. So for the encore, the boys happily sing “Because of You” to the fans while interacting, waving their their hands to the fans while other members even used the fans’ phones to take videos of themselves. Some members even managed to get some slogans and banners (Hi Byungchan!)

Message to PH ALICES

“Thank you so much for the encore. I’m very happy during encore because we know you are always there for us. I hope you will never forget the memories tonight. Please don’t get sick. We will go back for you. If you are happy, VICTON is also happy. Thank you so much!” -Byungchan

“Thank you so much for all the time you gave us. This is the first time we came to Manila and we have a lot of support that came from you. We are so happy. I hope you will never forget the memories between VICTON and Philippine ALICE today. We will come back. Thank you so much.” -Sejun

“Thank you so much because this is out last stop for our Asian tour. Thank you so much. We really enjoyed the night. We will try to come back here in Manila soon.” -Hanse

“Thank you so much. This is our last Asian tour in Manila. Actually we are busy with our Asian tour but I’m so happy because you are here with us in our last Asian tour. We have a lot of future plans for 2020 so please expect us. Thank you so much for today. I love you!” -Chan

“Actually we are one as VICTON because we are happy when we are singing and dancing but whenever we are performing we know you are happy so we are happy also. Thank you so much for all your cheers and support. You are so cute and pretty. Thank you for giving us an unforgettable memories tonight. Thank you.” -Subin

“This is our last Asian tour in Manila. Actually we are worried because this is our first visit in Manila but thank you so much for your energy, cheers and support. Actually I got shocked because your cheers are so loud. We also want to give back all of your cheers so we will come back for you guys. Thank you so much because our last Asian tour ended well.” -Seungsik

After their messages for the fans, Seungsik announced that they will perform their very last song but the fans screamed “Walang uuwi!”

Seungsik then answered, “Thank you so much because until the end you still don’t want to go home.” Then they performed “LIGHT” as their last song.

Few hours after, VICTON then took to social media to express their gratitude and posted their photo with PH ALICES.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, it was a memorable night because the boys didn’t expect that the energy of PH ALICES will be the same from their first performance up to their last song. They even said that they will come back! Well, that’s a good sign right?

HallyuLife would like to thank P.E.E.P Events, Istudyo ni Pipay and FanLive for the Media Invite. 



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