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WATCH: EXO-SC drops a funky fresh MV for ‘1 Billion Views’ featuring MOON

EXO-SC’s funky fresh track will make you play it 1 billion times!

EXO-SC releases their 1st album ‘1 Billion Views‘ along with its music video of their title track with the same name featuring singer MOON.

1 Billion Views is a track that makes you want to see the person with 1 billion views. The track will give you retro feels with the help of disco hip-hop beats to it. The music video shows a retro mood with a taste of modern technology. The album of the same name has solo tracks from both Sehun and Chanyeol along with its music videos.

But first, EXO-SC releases the albums fourth trackTelephone‘ featuring 10cm.  In which they also release teaser photos for their upcoming album. It was then followed by the release of Chanyeol’s solo track ‘Nothin‘ that tells you to not worry about what people think and continue with your own path.

Sehun also releases the music video for his solo track ‘On Me‘ that tells you to focus on being your best self in every moment of your life.

Here is the tracklist of EXO-SC’s first album ‘1 Billion Views’:

  1. 10억뷰 (Feat. MOON)
  2. Say It (Feat. PENOMECO)
  3. 로데오역 (Rodeo Station)
  4. 척 (Feat. 10CM)
  5. 시차적응 (Jet Lag)
  6. 날개 (Feat. Gaeko)
  7. Nothin’
  8. On Me
  9. 10억뷰 (Feat. MOON) (Inst.)

EXO-SC is the second sub-unit group of EXO composes of Sehun and Chanyeol, formed in 2019.



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