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WATCH: GFRIEND releases an enchanting MV for ‘Apple’

Buddies get ready as GFRIEND transforms into beautiful enchanting witches with ‘Apple’!

GFRIEND finally return with the release of their mini-album ‘回: Song of the Sirens’ together with the release of the music video for their title track ‘Apple‘ on July 13.

Apple is a track that shows GFRIEND’s transformation into refreshing witches. The track gives you a mix of pop and retro music that goes along well with the members’ blending vocals. GFRIEND’s Eunha and Yuju participated together in making the track. The music video on the other hand shows their charming visuals that make each member glow and shine. The six-member group also releases their teaser photos ahead of their comeback.

回: Song of the Sirens is a mini-album, part of the ‘‘ album series. The mini-album is made under the guidance of Bang Si Hyuk of BigHit Entertainment. –


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