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WATCH: TWICE solves love equations as ‘SCIENTIST’ in their latest comeback

Are you ready to enter TWICE’s Love Lab?

They ain’t no Einstein but they are scientists ready to solve their love equation! TWICE comes back with their third full album ‘Formula of Love: O + T =<3‘ with their main track ‘Scientist‘.

TWICE’s main track tells about encouraging to make a move about love, with their catchy, laid-back melody which can easily get stuck in your head. The group is known for incredibly high key melodies, but this time, TWICE chose a low melody line.

Their 16-tracked album comes in four versions, namely ‘Study About Love ver.’, ‘Break It ver.’, ‘Explosion ver.’, and ‘Full of Love ver.’ It also includes a Korean version of their English single ‘The Feels‘ and a remix of ‘Scientist‘. The group also introduced their first official sub-unit songs. –



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